Get expert assistance
Exam Room Design

Get expert assistance in planning your exam room.

Outfit a new office or modernize your exam room with a custom design, layout and equipment plan from Haag-Streit and Reliance—trusted experts and market leaders in examination equipment for ophthalmology, optometry, and ENT. 

Complimentary room design and equipment layout services

We can ensure that you maximize space in your exam room and that everything is best positioned to serve you and your patients. 

With our custom services, you can:

  • Be confident that you are selecting the best equipment for your practice
  • Improve overall office efficiency
  • Maximize patient throughput
  • Eliminate surprises when components don’t fit  
  • Ensure that you stay ahead of your competition
  • Stay focused on running your practice
  • Use cutting-edge technology and equipment that is guaranteed to be in the right place 


Complimentary room design and equipment layout
Trusted by over 500 practices

Trusted by over 500 practices to improve their exam rooms

Over 500 practices have trusted us to consult, design, layout and install equipment for their exam rooms. Each plan is backed by our unwavering commitment to quality and efficiency, and durability.     

Our experts deliver:   

  • A complete set of CAD drawings that make it easy to visualize the location of equipment, mirrors, cabinets, etc. and simplify implementation for construction managers  
  • Smooth installation and layouts that reflect best practices. Our equipment specialists work with our authorized dealer network to ensure equipment is delivered, installed, and positioned well. 

Choose products of unsurpassed quality and reliability

Reliance products provide the most comprehensive selection of state-of-the-art, premium quality cabinets, chairs, delivery systems, room light controls, and stools.  

As an industry leader, Haag-Streit offers diagnostic products, slit lamps and imaging modules with unsurpassed accuracy, efficiency and longevity.  

Partner with the most qualified solution provider. Call us for a consultation and custom solution today. 

choose products of unsurpassed quality and reliability
Reduce downtime
Tech Services

Reduce downtime with a trusted service provider.

Our products are the gold-standard. But service issues can still arise, which may require an expert to repair it. We understand the necessity of limiting equipment downtime, so it’s vital that you have a trusted service provider that you can call the minute you identify any performance issues.  

Superior support

We offer a high level of technical support to match the superior quality of our products. Factory trained technicians, engineers, and software specialists are available for prompt, personal attention to your needs.

superior support
One-year warranties

One-year warranties

Haag-Streit specialty products come with a one-year parts and labor warranty, and we strive to provide the quality worthy of our name. After that warranty expires, we offer extended maintenance contracts. 

Extended Maintenance Contracts

To protect your investment, we recommend having a maintenance contract in place that ensures system readiness and prompt attention to system issues. When you take out a service contract you enter into a partnership with us. We aim to give you unparalleled personal service. 

Haag-Streit provides one-year maintenance contracts on the following products: 

  • Octopus Perimetry systems
  • LENSTAR Biometry systems 
Extended Maintenance ocntracts
which contract is right for you?

Which contract is right for you?

We offer two standard service contracts. Each level is designed to give you full peace-of-mind. We also offer the Haag-Streit USA On-Site Technician Program (HOST). 

Both contracts include a dedicated direct toll-free number for access to support, a review of the system online or by phone, and replacement parts and loaner items when needed. 

Level 1 Maintenance Contract

This includes: 

  • An initial review of any system version issues via phone or online
  • Dedicated direct toll free phone number for immediate access to support
  • A secure online connection and software to remotely access the system
  • Replacement of all defective parts and components
  • Labor to complete necessary repairs
  • Free container for shipping
  • Loaner items, when required, at no charge
  • EyeSuite version updates (upgrades additional)
  • One annual onsite inspection and cleaning of contracted system
  • Additional onsite service is available, billed at standard HS USA travel and labor rates (estimates available)
  • Each additional item covered under this agreement is at a rate of $995/item (at the same location)

level 1 maintenance contract
level 2 maintenance contract

Level 2 Maintenance Contract

This agreement includes the same list of services described in Level 1, plus 

  • Additional onsite service provided as required (need determined by Haag-Streit Service)
  • All shipping and handling is covered by Haag-Streit USA

We enjoy going the extra mile

When you purchase equipment from Haag-Streit USA our engineers carry out a full pre-delivery inspection, testing the equipment to reduce the risk of any faults upon delivery. As well as our standard annual contracts, we offer multi-year discount incentives.

we enjoy going the extra mile
Haag-Streit USA on-site technical program

Haag-Streit USA On-Site Technician Program (HOST)

The Haag-Streit HOST Program provides factory trained and certified Swiss field technicians who will travel to your office to rejuvenate your Haag-Streit slit lamp, its accessories and associated products.

Haag-Streit USA On-Site Technician Program (HOST)

This expansive program: 

  • Protects your investment, by maintaining the quality and accuracy of your Haag-Streit product
  • Prevents you from repair downtime
  • Saves you on unexpected repair expenses
  • Guarantees you peace of mind
expertly trained

Expertly trained

Our technicians go through a multi-week internal training program at the Haag-Streit USA facility in Mason, OH, before entering a three-month training program at the Haag-Streit manufacturing plant in Switzerland. While there, our technicians learn all manufacturing stages of Haag-Streit equipment. They do hands-on training in the manufacturing, assembly and quality control departments. After training, our technicians must pass a certification test.

How it works

Haag-Streit is dedicated in bringing your instrument back to pristine condition. 

  • First, we disassemble the instrument to its 40 main components (see picture)
  • Next, we clean each component
  • Last, we calibrate and restore your instrument
how it works
Trust only the precision that Haag-Streit can offer

Trust only the precision that Haag-Streit can offer

Haag-Streit technician’s training and background combined with the use of proper precision tooling and genuine Haag-Streit parts is what makes choosing the HOST Program the right choice for you. But don’t just take our word for it. 

Here is part of a testimonial from FAHC Ophthalmology who uses the HOST program: “...He diagnosed problems, changed out broken pieces, and educated myself and my staff in the kindest and most informative manner. All of us were struck by his knowledge of the Haag-Streit Slit Lamp and we learned so much from him about how to keep them in better working order...”