Reliance Treatment Cabinets

Modern. Stylish. Designed to meet your needs.

Our range of cabinets offers you a balance of choice and guaranteed sturdiness, so you can find the one that’s right for your practice.

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Standard Features

Components of all Reliance ENT basic treatment cabinets

Every Reliance ENT treatment cabinet is built to provide convenience for every procedure. Each new cabinet now has an elevated work tower, which includes your choice of any three pieces of glassware, two stainless steel canisters, and storage for dispensing gloves and tissues. 


Heavy duty Gast pressure & suction pumps

Gast pumps feature a 5 micron air filter and air pressure regulator that eliminates particulates.

Storage Pumps
Control Switches

Low voltage, backlit membrane control switches – cycle-tested to a million touches

•  Meets IEC 60601-1 safety requirements 

•  Available in right hand or left hand configuration


Full-extension drawers with improved storage capacity

  • Removable inserts for easy cleaning 
  • Allows for versatile arrangement of instruments
  • Antimicrobial, curved drawer and door handles come standard for improved safety and style
Extension Drawers
Welch Allyn

Welch Allyn instruments

Your choice of two Welch Allyn rechargeable or corded instruments handles and heads that can be placed on either the left or right side of the cabinet.


Detachable power cord

Conveniently located in the back of the cabinet in a recessed panel, this design allows the cabinet to be stored closer to the wall — a real space-saver.

Power Cords

Sturdy, lockable 3-inch casters

These heavy-duty casters allow for greater mobility and provide improved cabinet stability.

Optional Features

Optional components for treatment cabinets

In addition to the functional standard features of Reliance cabinets, you can choose to customize your ENT cabinet with additional components, including a three-port LED light source. This built-in option frees up valuable counter space, and accepts any of five popular fittings. 

Optional Features

Corded, detachable footswitch

This convenient footswitch enables hands-free operation of suction and pressure pumps, and can be added to any model at any time. 


Premier bead warmer

The glass-beaded mirror warmer is recessed into the cabinet top and provides added safety and convenience. 

Bead warmer
Locking Drawers

Locking drawers

Locks add another measure of safety and compliance. Choose from keyed or keyless entry.


A stainless steel debris tray and warming drawer (not pictured)

A stainless steel debris tray and lid can be mounted to the side of any cabinet model. Tray and lid are easily removed and are autoclave safe.  

A concealed warming drawer option prevents condensation on instruments. 

Debris tray
Surfce options
Laminate Surface Options

A range of shades to complement any room

Customize your cabinet sides, backsplash, drawers and doors. Choose from a selection of Wilson Art laminate surface options.

Counter Surface Options

Solid surface colors

Each model comes standard with a black laminate surface. For a styling upgrade, choose a Hanex solid surface option to coordinate with your room. 


Compare Models

All cabinets are offered in low voltage. Specifications may change at any time.

310 410 510 610
Number of Full Drawers 3 3 3 4
Number of half drawers* 1 1 1 1
Number of Glassware 3 3 3 3
Light Source Option Shelf Built-In Built-In Built-In
Material Laminate Laminate Stainless Laminate
Glassware/Storage Location Tower Tower Tower Tower
Height to work surface 35" 35" 35" 45"
Overall Height 48" 48" 48" 58"
W & D Top Size 25" x 20 7/16" 33" x 20 7/16" 33" x 20 7/16" 33" x 20 7/16"
Corded Wells Option Option Option Option
* Unless built-in light source option added