Eclipse Room Light System

Complete control from a single source

Control exam room lighting--incandescent and/or fluorescent lights—without changing position. The Eclipse Remote Control™ centralizes room light settings for speed and efficiency.

You can program up to 16 different lighting combinations, or scenes, according to your working habits. And programming is easier than the average home thermostat.

Eclipse can be a desktop unit or built into your Reliance instrument stand. And it easily retrofits to any low-voltage stand. Contact your nearest authorized Reliance dealer to see if your stand is compatible.

Reliance Eclipse remote control lighting system
Light system video

How it works

The three rechargeable instrument wells, slit lamp instrument table and indirect hanger are all equipped with electronic sensors that trigger a lighting scene when an instrument is moved.*

View your procedures in a whole new light.

Eclipse Room Light System

How it works

To activate lighting presets, simply touch the control panel on the stand or move an instrument.

You can even adjust fade rates of your lighting. The superior dimming function allows fluorescent lights to be faded to 1 percent of output without the noise or flickers.


* The Eclipse Room Light System is available as an option on the Reliance model 7800 and 7900 instrument stands and as a free standing desk top unit.

Control panel for lighting system
Eclipse wall unit, control console, and Reliance stand

Easy installation

The Eclipse consists of three components: a wall unit, a control console that fits on your Reliance stand, and a transmitter ring.

The Eclipse installs in minutes, with little or no office rewriting.

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