I-OPS™ In-Office Procedure System

Instruments within easy reach for more efficient procedures

Developed in collaboration with Christopher Riemann, M.D. of the Cincinnati Eye Institute, I-OPS is an ergonomically optimized Instrument Delivery System that allows physicians to perform intravitreal injections and other minor in-office procedures much more efficiently.

I-OPS eliminates wasted movements, saving time and improving patient flow as well as patient safety and comfort.

Patent pending.

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Unlimited Adaptability

Configure I-OPS to suit physician preferences

Like most true innovations, the idea behind I-OPS is simple. Holders securely present what surgeons need where they need it for easy one-handed removal and operation.

With an adjustable arm that mounts onto most instrument stands, the durable tray features interchangeable inserts. This modular system accommodates up to nine components, and is easily configurable to suit individual preferences.

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Modular System


The tray size is 9” x 12.75” and holds nine components. There are also two 2” / 51mm x 8.5” / 216mm pockets to hold any additional instrumentation or accessory that might be needed.

Modular System

Deluxe Arm


The first of two arm styles available, the Deluxe Arm is designed to work exclusively with Reliance stand poles. It can be adjusted vertically to accommodate different working heights. The Tissue Box and Sharps Container come standard with the arm as well as the Tray assembly.

Modular System

Basic Arm


Accommodating a variety of stand pole sizes, the Basic Arm is stationary in the vertical position once put into place. The Tissue Box and Sharps Container come standard with the arm as well as the Tray assembly.

Modular System

Twist-top bottle holder


Accommodates one-time use, twist-top bottles. Supports two bottles.

Modular System

Locking dropper-bottle holder


Accommodates a variety of dropper bottle cap sizes (Ø9/32” / 7.1mm to Ø13/16” / 20.5mm). Allows convenient one-handed operation once cap is locked into holder.

Modular System

Gel-pack holder


Accommodates a variety of gel pack cap sizes (Ø0.230” / 5.8mm to Ø0.34” / 8.6 mm). Allows convenient one-handed operation once cap is locked into holder

Modular System

Dual syringe holder


Accommodates a variety of syringe cap sizes (Ø3/32” / 2.4mm to Ø5/16 / 8mm, 19 mm from end of cap to tip). Designed for convenient one-handed use. Syringe cap remains locked in place, releasing syringe for injections. Supports two syringes. Please note that if using two syringes, both syringes must be approximately the same size.

iops cups
Modular System

Deep and Shallow Cups

Deep cup: (3073499) , shallow cup: (3073099)

Assists in organizing additional small items on tray, and prevents material from entering sub-components of tray.

Modular System

Tissue Box Holder and Sharps Container

Provides convenient placement of tissue box and sharps container on I-OPS arm. Available on both basic and deluxe arms. Lockable mounting bracket. Supports 9" / 229mm long by 4 3/4" / 121mm wide by 2" / 51mm deep tissue boxes. Size of sharps container: 5 qts (1.25 gallons).