Reliance 8700 Instrument Stand

Sleek and economical

Created for practices with an eye on image and budget, the 8700 instrument stand offers worry-free operation for the life of a practice. Its contemporary styling and top-quality features make it perfectly compatible with any Reliance exam or procedure chair.

The Model 8700 is CSA certified to the International Electrical Standard IEC 60601-1 for general safety standards and UL certified to IEC 60601-1-2 for EMC, assuring compliance to International Standards and its quality and safety for you and your patients.

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An economy instrument stand with top features and functions

  • The 8700’s counterbalanced slit lamp arm lets you effortlessly position the lamp with one hand.
  • Three recharging wells ensure a steady power supply for medical equipment.
  • Membrane switches that last 10 times longer than mechanical counterparts are standard on this model. They control a chart projector, and the raise, lower, and auto down function of a Reliance exam chair.
  • Wheelchair compatible
  • Standard overhead halogen lamp for energy-efficient, bright light
  • Matches any Reliance exam or procedure chair in style and function
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Improve productivity with our remote control light system

With the wireless Eclipse Room Light System, you can controls fluorescent and incandescent lights from any Reliance instrument stand.