Reliance FXM 920 Exam Chairs

Make the most of your space

This counterbalanced tilt recline examination chair is a durable, quality chair for medical practices that need to maximize space in exam rooms.

The FXM 920 Chair benefits:

  • Perfectly counterbalanced recline mechanism to provide easy and smooth recline to any position
  • Powered hydraulic base lets you raise, lower, and auto return patient to a position through finger switches or corded footswitch
  • Concave headrest adjusts quickly and locks with a single hand
  • Excellent head and neck support for patients
  • Chair tilts over axis, for effortless positioning of patient

Choose from high or low base models. And all of our chairs come with a CSA, C/US Certificate of Compliance. Maintain contact with patient during all chair functions.

Let’s talk about what you need.

Reliance FXM 920 exam chair in blue
FXM 920 Exam Chair

Color Options

Chairs are available in many colors to suit your practice. Speak with a Haag-Streit representative to see the full spectrum.

FXM 920 Exam Chair

Headrest Options

Customize your chair with headrests that suit the types of exams and surgeries you perform. Available headrests for this chair include:

  • No. 18 Concave Fully Adjustable, which is the standard headrest for thismodel, and is used primarily as a diagnostic headrest in ophthalmic and ENT fields
  • No. 22 Oversized Concave, which is fully adjustable, and primarily used in otolaryngology
Headrest options for Reliance FXM 920 chair