Reliance 522 Exam Chairs

Easy to use, contemporary design

The 522 eliminates wasted movement. You control the raise and lower functions with a corded footswitch, and you can rotate the chair without moving. This chair features clean, modern lines and a luxurious, oversized headrest to keep patients comfortable.

  • Easily accessible levers on both sides of seat enable you to rotate the chair 360 degrees without changing position
  • Arms rotate upward enabling patients to get in and out from either side
  • Upholstered armrests for comfort
  • Sturdy, hinged 6”x14” footstep fully supports patients’ weight
  • Lower seat to floor height of 19.5” in the down position enables patients to get in and out easily. Lift travel is 9 inches.

All of our chairs come with a CSA, C/US Certificate of Compliance.

Let’s talk about what you need.

Reliance 522 exam chair in black
522 Exam Chair

Color Options

Chairs are available in many colors to suit your practice. Speak with a Haag-Streit representative to see the full spectrum.