Hi-R 700

Achieve a more efficient, continuous workflow

Providing more natural movements, more precise positioning, as well as effortless rotations in every direction, the Hi-R 700 offers unprecedented optical image quality with a lower investment. Repositioning this microscope is effortless. And with the best 3D perception in the market (powered by Sony 3D video imaging) along with legendary Haag-Streit optics, you have an ideal microscope for neurosurgery.

See what you’ve been missing.

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Haag-Streit Hi-R 700 surgical microscope
Hi-R 700 microscope motions
Two people viewing through the microscope
Dual observation scopes

Features & Benefits

  • Extraordinarily movable, yet precise positioning
  • Economical due to the modular design
  • Highly configurable
  • Continuous illumination diaphragm
  • Face-to-face bridge with minimal light loss for video systems
  • 25mm stereo base
  • Dual 300W Xenon light source
  • Motorized zoom and focus
  • Double iris diaphragm
  • Optional X-Y coupling
  • The two-knob balancing mechanism provides a software-assisted process for much faster setting

Experience new levels of accuracy.

Features & Benefits

Precise adjustments and movements

Integrated iris diaphragm
This new integration of an iris diaphragm allows individual adjustments of depth of field.

Precision movements
For additional horizontal movement control, an optional X-Y coupling can be mounted to the microscope. This offers a 60 mm x 60 mm range of motion, and is foot-switch controlled.

Range of motion for the Hi-R 700 surgical microscope
Accessories for the microscope


The Hi-R 700 has a wide range of accessories and is easily adapted to a wide range of different surgeries and working conditions.


Beam Splitters & Scopes

Beam Splitters 
Two available splitting ratios can be chosen according to application:

  • 50:50 – for adaptation of stereoscopic observer scopes and/or cameras
  • 30:70 – for adaptation of several cameras

Stereoscopic Observer Scopes
Haag-Streit Surgical offers two different stereoscopic observer scopes. These accommodate laterally placed assistants:

  • Includes fixed eyepiece head (standard)
  • Choose inclinable eyepiece head
Beam splitter
Video module for the Hi-R 700 surgical microscope

Cameras & Videos

A broad selection of analog or digital video and still cameras can be mounted onto microscopes.

Video module
An alternative to the external camera is the video module. The integrated 1-chip camera features optimal light efficiency and low height.


Vertiscopes T and U

Vertiscope T features:

  • Inclination
  • C-mount adapter for 1/3'' camera

Vertiscope U features:

  • Inclination
  • 2 lateral ports for camera and stereoscopic observer
Vertiscopes T & U
Diploscope T & U

Diploscope T and U

Diploscope T features:

  • Face-to-face eyepiece head
  • C-mount adapter for 1/3'' camera

Diploscope U features:

  • 2 lateral ports for camera and stereoscopic observer
  • Face-to-face eyepiece head


Mouth Switch & Autofocus

  • The Mouth Switch allows for hands-free movements for the microscope in three different axes.
  • Autofocus lets you focus quickly and easily
Mouth switch


Enjoy ease of documentation with MIOS 5.



The M.DIS imaging system transforms all surgical microscopes into a microsurgical image control center.

M.DIS imaging system
A stand for the Hi-R 700 microscope


Stands for Hi-R 700 include:

Ceiling units/installation are also available. These easily movable stands feature:

  • Electromechanical brake systems
  • Dual 300W Xenon light source
  • Long arm reach
  • Concealed cables
  • Powered shelves to support external devices

Let’s discuss which stand is right for you.

Technical Data

Hi-R 700
Working distance224 mm to 510 mm (optional: 200 mm to 450 mm)
MagnificationMotorized zoom 1:6, 1.4x to 14.3x 
Diameter visual field14.7mm to 156mm
Illumination field13.0mm to 205.0mm 
Binocular0-200° inclinable with 10x eye piece (optional 0-160° inclinable with 10x eye piece)
Light sourceXenon
Stereo base25 mm
Inclination30° to +120°
Lateral tilt-40° to +40°
Integrated filterUV and IR
Optional monitorFull HD 1080p