Start your procedures with a rock-solid foundation

Our newest innovation, the 5-1000 neurosurgery microscope incorporates the latest technologies in surgical microscopy. The state-of-the-art design features provide brilliant optics, great maneuverability, and intuitive handling—built on a rock solid foundation.

Now you can experience a new level of visualization along with easy and precise handling, giving you the optimal results you require.

Let us show you the difference.

View of the 5-1000 microscope eye pieces

Exceptional stability

  • SensoServo fly-by-wire technology
  • Automatic balancing
  • Innovative dampening for best-in-class stability. After each movement, it quickly returns to its stable position, which makes the operation process quicker and stress-free.
  • Floor stand capable of supporting both the Hi-R 1000 and Hi-R 700 microscopes

Get the next level in clarity.


Brilliant optics

  • Adjustable depth of field enhancement
  • Wide 25mm stereo base for best-in-class 3D perception
  • Bidirectional RS 232 interface for navigation
  • Fully integrated modules with clean design
  • 3D integration without compromise
  • ICG and ALA
Optics on the 5-1000 surgical microscope
Senso Servo drive on the 5-1000 surgical microscope

Easy to use

  • Long-arm reach and over-head capabilities let this microscope fit into even small operating theaters
  • Electrical locking for parking position
  • Computer control of all motorized functions
  • SensoServo Drive provides high precision with minimal exertion
Floor Stands

The FS 5-33

Our superior new FS-5-33 floor stand provides best-in-class stability, capable of supporting both the Hi-R 1000 and Hi-R 700 microscopes. It includes electrical locking for parking position.

Improve your stability.

FS 5-33 microscope stand