Exceptional stability

One of the most advanced microsurgical operating systems available, the 3-1000 requires no balancing—just a push of a button.

See what stability really looks like.

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Haag-Streit 3-1000 surgical microscope with stand
Floor stand

Augmented floor stand control

Easily control the settings of the microscope, hand and foot switch and floor stand via digital touchscreen built into the column of the floor stand.

  • Color touch screen
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Control of brightness and lamp lifetime indicators
  • Customizable start settings
  • Software-guided balancing of the floor stand


To achieve the brightest-possible illumination, the floor stand is outfitted with a 300W xenon lamp. A spare module is conveniently accessible within the floor stand’s upper column.

Xenon lamp on the 3-1000 surgical microscope
Stability of the 3-1000 surgical microscope

Exceptional stability

  • One-touch auto-balancing
  • Fully integrated with our floor stand FS 3-43
  • Perfect dampening with long-arm reach

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Brilliant optics

  • Wide 25mm stereo base for best-in-class 3D perception
  • ICG ready (optional)
  • Switchable enhancers of the depth of field
Optics of the 3-1000 surgical microscope
SensoGrip on the 3-1000

Easy to use

  • Working distance up to 510 mm
  • Computer control for every motorized function
  • RS 232 interface for navigation
  • SensoServo Drive uses the SensoGrip for high precision with minimal exertion

The LR 1000 Light Router

  • 2 lateral ports for camera / stereoscopic observer scope
  • Face-to-face eyepiece head
  • C-mount adapter for the 1/3’’ camera
LR 100 light router
Beam splitters for the 3-1000 microscope

Beam Splitters

Two available splitting ratios can be chosen according to application:

  • 50:50 – for adaptation of stereoscopic observer scopes and/or cameras
  • 30:70 – for adaptation of several cameras

Stereoscopic Observer Scopes

Haag-Streit Surgical offers two different stereoscopic observer scopes. These accommodate laterally placed assistants:

  • Includes fixed eyepiece head (standard)
  • Choose inclinable eyepiece head
Stereoscopic observer scope
MIOS 5 display screen

Cameras & Video Recording

A broad selection of analog or HD video and still cameras can be mounted onto microscopes.

You can also add the MIOS 5, which allows you to handle patient names, record videos and pictures as well as administer archived data.



The M.DIS imaging system transforms all surgical microscopes into a microsurgical image control center.

M.DIS imaging system
Two types of foot switches
Floor Stand Accessories

Foot Switches

Foot switch EF 5000/5001

There are 14 functions for this microscope. The carrying system is designed to be controlled using the foot switch EF 5000 as well as the wireless counterpart EF 5001.

  • For improved control of X-Y couplings
  • 14 uniquely useful programmable functions

Foot switch EF 2000

When your need is to only control the focal length or zoom, the EF 2000 is designed to be the perfect choice.

Floor Stand Accessories


A power supply accompanies this mountable tray.

Mountable tray
Monitor for the 3-1000 surgical microscope
Floor Stand Accessories


This monitor is on a movable arm and can be mounted directly onto the floor stand.

Technical Data

Working distanceLens assembly 1: 224 to 510 mm (nom.), lens assembly 2: 200 to 450 mm (nom.)
Magnification (work. dist. 250 mm)2.2x to 13.3x
Eyepiece head200° inclinable, wide-angle oculars 10x 21B
Stereo base25 mm