Allegra 500

Discover efficiency in a small package

This compact, efficient microscope is optimized for procedures needing perfect motion and optics. It is useful when only video is needed for co-observation.

Featuring legendary Haag-Streit optics, the Allegra 500 provides you with smooth, fluid movement, a large depth of field, and the best 3D perception in the market. And, there’s no balancing required.

Experience unparalleled stability.

Haag-Streit Allegra 500 compact surgical microscope
Close-up of Allegra 500 microscope

Features & Benefits

  • 25 mm stereo base, enhancing the 3D vision
  • Permanently balanced
  • Motorized zoom
  • Motorized focus, it ranges from 200 mm to 450 mm
  • Electromagnetic brakes

See a demo.


Co-observation with simplified documentation

The high-resolution monitor Opens internal link in current windowM.DIS can be easily mounted to the microscope arm for simple co-observation. The single-CCD camera module is integrated into the microscope’s body and comes standard.

Allegra 500 with high-resolution monitor, M.DIS mounted on microscope
MIOS 5 application on screen


Enjoy ease of documentation with MIOS 5, which allows you to handle patient names, record HD videos and pictures as well as administer archived data.

A broad selection of analog or HD video and still cameras can be mounted onto microscopes.

See a demo.



The M.DIS imaging system transforms all surgical microscopes into a microsurgical image control center.

M.DIS imaging system
Side view of microscope

Lasers & Beam Splitters

  • Laser adapters can be easily and quickly mounted to the ALLEGRA 500
  • The Beam Splitter T offers different splitting ratios according to your application


Stands for the Allegra 500 include:

Ceiling units/installation are also available. These easily movable stands feature:

  • Friction or electromechanical brake systems
  • Xenon, Halogen or LED lighting
  • Long arm reach
  • Concealed cabling
  • Powered shelves to support external devices

See the Haag-Streit difference.

Stands for the Allegra 500 microscope

Technical Data

Allegra 500
Working distanceMotorized 200 mm to 450 mm
MagnificationMotorized zoom 1:6, 1.6x to 16.8x
Diameter visual field12.5mm to 128.7mm
Illumination field5.0mm to 156.0mm
Binocular0-160° inclinable (standard) with 10x eye piece (optional 200°  inclinable with 10x eye piece) 
Diopter settings+5 D to -8 D
Stereo base25 mm
Filter disk2 diaphragms, 5 color filters including UV, softlight, daylight, blue 
Inclination-30° to +120°
Lateral tilt+/-45°
Optional monitorFull HD 1080p