Allegra 50

Ideal for exam rooms

As a compact, ergonomic, flexible microscope combined with exceptional diagnostics, incredible optical quality, and a full 65mm objective lens, this microscope is ideal for the exam room.

The Allegra 50 features the best 3D depth perception in the market, a large depth of field, and requires no balancing. It’s just one more way Haag-Streit gives you the tools you need to provide the best patient care.

Gain space without compromising on quality.

Haag-Streit Allegra 50 compact surgical microscope
Allegra 50 with M.DIS monitor mounted on microscope arm
Features & Benefits

Co-observation with simplified documentation

M.DIS, the high-resolution observation monitor, can be directly mounted to the microscope arm. A 1 CCD camera module can be integrated into the microscope body as an optional accessory.

Features & Benefits

Compact quality

  • 25 mm stereo base for expanded 3D vision
  • Halogen or LED lighting systems
  • Illumination of the full visual field
  • Selectable spot diaphragms
  • Motorized zoom and focus
  • Manual 5-step magnification changer
  • Fixed front lens for working distances of 250 mm
  • Optional: integrated camera modules
Side view of microscope controls
MIOS 5 application shown on monitor


Enjoy ease of documentation with MIOS 5, which allows you to handle patient names, record HD videos and pictures as well as administer archived data.



The M.DIS imaging system transforms all surgical microscopes into a microsurgical image control center.

M.DIS imaging system
Stand for Allegra 50


Stands for the Allegra 500 include:

Ceiling units/installation are also available. These easily movable stands feature:

  • Compact friction brake systems
  • Halogen illumination
  • Long arm reach

See the Haag-Streit difference.

Technical Data

Allegra 50
Working distance250 mm, 300mm and 400mm lens
Eyepiece headfix 0° / straight, 12.5x oculars
Diameter visual field8.8mm to 80.0mm
Illumination field4.0mm to 74.0 mm
Binocular0° straight 12.5x eye piece (optional 0-160° inclinable with 10x eye piece) 
Diopter settings+/- 7 D
Stereo base25 mm
Light sourceHalogen or LED
Filter disk2 diaphragms, 5 color filters including Daylight, blue, softlight, UV
Inclination-30° to +120°
Lateral tilt+/- 45°
Optional monitorFull HD 1080p