LED Retrofit Kit

Achieve the highest level in sight with LED

Haag-Streit is known for technological innovation and unmatched accuracy. And if you have a BM 900 or BQ 900, you can now have even better quality, thanks to LED.

By adding LED to your slit lamp, you can:

  • Observe eye structures in breathtaking detail
  • Gain more power in the short wave lengths, improving fluorescence and anterior chamber illumination
  • Increase comfort for doctors and patients through cooler operation
  • Target lifetime of LED Illumination Unit is 35,000 hours
Haag-Streit LED retrofit kit for slip lamps
Slit lamp with LED added
LED Retrofit Kit

Kit contents

  • Retrofit kits include LED light housing, brand new table top with power supply, rheostat controls and more
  • Retrofit kit for BQ 900 includes second LED for imaging background illumination