Haag-Streit Slit Lamps

Experience the highest level in sight.

Haag-Streit is the hands-down industry leader. Our slit lamps and imaging modules have provided unsurpassed accuracy, efficiency and longevity for nearly 60 years.

Featuring groundbreaking technology and delivering faultless precision in both shape and movement, our slit lamps are easier to use and control and more comfortable for you and your patients. With a range of slit lamp models, there’s one to suit any context.

BQ 900 LED slit lamp
Timeless Quality

The best for over half a century


Since it was introduced in 1958, the slit lamp BM 900 has been hugely popular with customers because of its excellent optics and impressive longevity – it can last for decades. The rest of the slit lamp family has emerged from the knowledge and experience of the original. So you can expect the best.

Timeless Quality

Total customer satisfaction

To ensure complete customer satisfaction, our highly trained technicians will travel to you and rejuvenate your slit lamps, accessories and associated products.

Servicing a BQ 900 slit lamp
BQ 900 with monitor for viewing
Precise and Easy to Use

Hassle-free operation and maximum flexibility

Excellent mechanics
Haag-Streit’s technological innovations ensure hassle-free operation. Highest quality design, materials and construction allow all movements to be made smoothly and effortlessly without any wrist or finger strain.

Maximum flexibility
With a wider interpupillary dioptic range and field of view, the slit lamp offers you more flexibility. And, each slit lamp features the Cross Slide Mechanism—a patented joystick for easily and smoothly controlling horizontal and vertical movement.

See how much easier it is to operate.

Excellent Optics

Supurb views and stunning imaging results

The quality of the optical system determines the results of whatever application a slit lamp is used for. All Haag-Streit slit lamps are equipped with elaborated microscopes, manufactured for the highest quality requirements.

Images of the human eye
BA 904 hand held slit lamp
Precise and Easy to Use

A wide range of models to suit any context

Pick from a wide range of slit lamp models that are designed for:

  • Emergency rooms
  • Viewing anterior and posterior segments
  • Routine practice
  • Professional photographers

For added convenience, we offer hand-held, portable slit lamps.

Regardless of the context, all of our slit lamps have the unique ability to provide high quality examinations.

As with all of our slit lamps, a Goldmann tonometer may be added to the system.

Precise and Easy to Use

Optimum illumination with LED light

The new LED illumination systems on our slit lamps deliver our sharpest, brightest and most homogeneous slit ever. The light spectrum has been designed for Haag-Streit to meet the highest quality standards and to achieve results superior to tungsten light. This ensures optimal diagnostic details from the cornea to the retina.

LED light for the slit lamp
Compare Models

A range of models to suit your needs

BQ 900 BP 900 BI 900 BM 900 BX 900
Illumination LED
Background -
Filter Grey
Slit Width (continuous) in mm 0 - 14 0 - 14 0 - 14 0 - 8 0 - 8
Length (continuous) in mm 1 - 14 1 - 14 1 - 14 1 - 8 1 - 8
Test mark fixation star
Microscope Stereo angle 13°
Stereo angle 4.5° - - -
Inclined eyepiece - - -
Contrast enhancing filter -
Magnification (Std. Eyepieces) 6.3 x - - -
10 x
16 x
25 x - -
40 x - - -
Zoom - - - -
Imaging IM 900 - - - -
IM 600 - - -
Imaging Set BI 900 - - - -
SLR camera connector - - - -
Integrated flash (slit and background) - - - -

■ Standard   ○ Option   - Not available   ● Not Recommended