Octopus 300

Simplify glaucoma testing

The Octopus 300 is designed around the patented Haag-Streit direct projection system. The 300 is ideal for uses that range from routine screen and threshold examinations to the most demanding clinics and teach institutions.

With the Octopus 300, you’ll get:

  • High performance precision.
  • EyeSuite analysis software.
  • Ergonomic design that maximizes patient comfort
  • Prompt support
The 300 Pro

A step above

The Octopus 300 has additional hardware and software features to meet with the requirements of the most demanding clinics or teaching institutions.

  • Standard with B/Y perimetry
  • Selection of user defined test parameters for experimental or clinical studies
  • Ethernet connection with built-in LAN adapter (optional)
  • Capacity for further tests including Flicker and Color perimetry, Pupillometry and more

Find out how to put this perimeter to work in your office.

Octopus 300

Reliable precision

  • 100% eye fixation control — no fixation = no stimulus
  • Diagnostic programs include test stages that prioritize the most crucial field areas
  • With the unique Eye Tracking feature (optional), the perimeter follows eye movements automatically
  • Fast software leads to significantly shorter examinations, so you can avoid errors caused by patient and retinal fatigue
  • Continuous measurement of the pupil size allows for accurate assessment and comparison of data

Ready to improve precision?

Octopus 300

Easy to use

  • The free-rotating examination unit fits in tight spaces and works in ambient light
  • The color input screen is simple to operate and offers multiple languages
  • A full threshold examination takes less than 2 1/2 minutes with optional TOP test strategy
  • Electronic eye fixation adjustment occurs without disturbing the patient
  • The clear Seven-in-One printout presents comprehensive data needed for patient assessment
  • Statistical data is presented in real-time on screen
  • A test procedure can be interrupted at any time and continued later without losing data
  • A built-in training program facilitates giving instructions and shortens the learning process
  • Easily update software by download or exchanging the software module
Octopus 300

Offers better patient comfort

  • The ergonomic design maximizes patient comfort
  • Faster testing result in better patient cooperation
  • Cold light sources avoid heat dissipation and eliminate the noise of cooling fans
  • Patients can be encouraged to blink regularly without the risk of introducing erroneous results

Accept nothing less than the best for your patients.