T-Cone Toric Platform

Precise calculations for intuitive planning

The T-Cone Toric platform complements LENSTAR’s comprehensive measurement palette with true 11-ringe Placido topography of the central 6mm of the anterior cornea, and highly accurate K-readings of the 2.3 and the 1.65mm rings. This offers reassurance of axis location and determines regularity and symmetry of the astigmatism.

With the integrated Barrett Toric Calculator taking cornea front and back surface into account, you achieve excellent toric IOL calculation. And, the software enables you to plan the surgery on high-resolution images of the eye that can be transferred to the surgery room via EyeSuite for improved outcomes.

Improve your planning.

Plan the entire surgery with EyeSuite toric planner
Precise Planning with EyeSuite

Use EyeSuite for best results

The EyeSuite IOL Toric planner offers one of the most advanced calculation methods (The Barrett Toric Calculator) and the ability to plan the entire surgery on high-resolution images of the patient's eye.

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Precise Planning with EyeSuite

Plan cataract surgery using high-res images

The incision optimizer tool helps you to place the incision—and marks incision points—that you can print out and use during surgery. By using this tool you can achieve minimum anticipated residual astigmatism, with the lowest toric power IOL implanted.

Incision location optimization is based on the surgeon’s preferred angle of incision range and their amount of surgically induced astigmatism. This information is paired with LENSTAR's highly accurate measurement of the corneal astigmatism. Vector analysis then derives the best incision location.

Incision optimizer; incision points on screen
T-cone topography
T-Cone Topography

Have all the information you need


Keratometry provides precise measurements of astigmatism and axis, but it is blind to irregularities and asymmetry. With T-Cone topography, you can check symmetry and regularity of the astigmatism, improve the safety and efficacy of surgery, and decide on the suitability of a particular patient to be a toric candidate.

Base your procedures on the best information.


T-Cone Topography

Optimize your cataract surgery planning

The cone projects 11 Placido rings, and the integrated EyeSuite software displays a high resolution video image, the axial and the tangential curvature maps, as well as the elevation map of the anterior cornea. Featured topography maps allow you to assess the regularity of the astigmatisms and verify the axis orientation of the astigmatism given with the K-readings.

Bench tests and evaluation of real eye data showed that LENSTAR's standard dual zone keratometry and the k-readings calculated from the topography image are equivalent, leading to improved toric outcomes.

High resolution images and eye data
Corneal architecture image
Barrett Toric Calculator

More accuracy for IOL Planning

The Barrett Toric Calculator, based on the established Universal II formula, is the method of choice for advanced toric IOL prediction, with one of the best toric IOL prediction methods on the market. It considers the front and back surface of the cornea, features dynamic lens position calculation and incorporates lens geometry details founded on thick lens calculation methodology.

The Barrett Toric Calculator and surgery planning software are integrated into EyeSuite, giving you not only one of the most advanced calculation methods, but the ability to plan the entire procedure. LENSTAR and EyeSuite IOL are the perfect team for improved refractive outcomes.

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Barrett Toric Calculator

Dr Barrett: Solving the toric enigma

Dr. Barrett found the key for improved toric results is a sophisticated estimate of the effect of the posterior cornea on the total corneal power. His calculator derives the posterior corneal curvature based on high quality anterior K-readings and biometry data, provided by LENSTAR.

Dr. Barrett’s approach provided better results than measuring the posterior cornea using Scheimpflug imaging.

And recent clinical studies showed that the Barrett Toric Calculator outperformed standard online calculators.

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