Keep it simple

All Haag-Streit diagnostic devices are steered via the same EyeSuite software. This simplifies your work and the work of your staff and significantly shortens the learning curve for new employees.


Short learning curve

Whether you use a Haag-Streit biometer, perimeter or imaging system, you always use the same EyeSuite software with the same patient manager, the same preferences, the same import/export and the same backup process. This simplifies your clinical processes by shortening both your learning curve and the learning curve of your staff.


For effective practice workflows

Networking via EyeSuite provides you with unparalleled flexibility to set up the most effective practice workflow for you. Network your Haag-Streit devices with your EyeSuite software, let your EMR manage your patient flows and keep all data centrally stored.


View patient data comfortably from your office

Many diagnostic tests are performed by your technicians in a separate room. EyeSuite is ready to be networked throughout your practice, allowing you to have access to the data at any workstation. This allows you to analyze your data and plan future treatment comfortably from your desk and eliminates any risk of losing paper-based data.


Beyond a pre-defined printout

With an EyeSuite network, you don't just get a pre-defined printout in your patient file but full interactive data. Freely choose which files to include in your perimetry trend analysis, manipulate and save your images for better views on relevant structures and plan your cataract surgery with the cataract planning software.


Centrally store your data

Store your data on a secure location in your network and access it from anywhere you want. Like this, you need not worry about not finding or losing your valuable patient data.


Effective patient education

Use your EyeSuite data for patient education by showing the patient his data on a large monitor in your office. Show them their disease progresssion and your treatment plans. Engage them in a discussion about their disease to foster patient compliance.


Optimum patient flows in busy practices

Save time and reduce transcription errors by integrating your EyeSuite software directly into your EMR system. Let your EMR manage your patient flow and billing-relevant information, while your EyeSuite software provides you with interactive data viewing.


Use the patient data from your EMR

Entering patient data twice is a waste of time and might lead to transcription errors. By integrating your EyeSuite software into your EMR network, you can automatically send patient data to your Haag-Streit device. Like this, it is always correct and up-to-date.


Manage your daily patient flows

With an EMR Modality worklist, you can make sure only the patients to be tested on a certain day are visible on your Haag-Streit device. This makes it even easier for your staff to select the right ones. In addition, it provides a good overview to your staff how many tests need to be completed on a working day.


Receive relevant information for billing

Configure your EyeSuite software in a way that it automatically sends information to the EMR system, once an examination is completed. Like this you can keep easily track of who needs to be billed for a given examination.


Access your results directly from the EMR

Automatically send printouts to your EMR or start EyeSuite directly from any patient file from the EMR to look at that patient's specific results. Like this, everything is available for you from the same location and easily accessible.


Standardised interface in your clinic

Are you working with a communication standard such as DICOM or GDT? Then use EyeSuite with this standard to communicate within your clinic network.


All dat in the right format

EyeSuite Supports DICOM "Worklist" and "Store" for optimum work flow in a busy practice. The Worklist provided by your central Server allows EyeSuite to inform the user on the planned procedures. EyeSuite then returns the results of the exam in several formats. For slit lamp imaging DICOM imaging is supported and for all other modalities, EyeSuite provides the reports as e-PDF or multiframe color images. Featuring these versatile formats, EyeSuite may me connected to almost any DICOM system.


Included with your device

Buy any Haag-Streit device and the EyeSuite software that allows for network integration is already included*.

*Except DICOM licenses. Service charges may apply.


Extend it as desired

Use the EyeSuite software to best suit your needs without having to consider costly licence fees. Install it on an unlimited number of computers in your practice and update it when you need to without paying any extra licence fees*.

*Except DICOM licenses. Service charges may apply.


Keep your EyeSuite up to date

Buy your Haag-Streit device today and benefit from the latest functions even years after buying your device thanks to annual software updates and the possibility to upgrade your software with new functions when you need them.


Upgrade when you need it

Let your EyeSuite grow with you as required. Buy a basic version and purchase upgrades to add functions such as toric planning or kinetic perimetry when you need them. This allows you to tailor your Haag-Streit device to your needs anytime without having to buy a new device every few years.


Annual updates

EyeSuite is updated annually to provide you with new functions at no extra software charge.* This means your device grows with you and your practice and you do not need to buy a new device or software license any time an improved software version is available.

*Service charges may apply.


Keep your valuable data secure

Protect your valuable data with the EyeSuite security features such as a fast automatic backup function and a modern user management.


Secure against unintentional data loss

Do not risk losing your valuable patient data. Freely choose your preferred backup location and enable the automatic incremental backup function, to backup newly generated data any time your EyeSuite shuts down. During major transitions, backup your whole database to prevent unwanted data loss.




Control EyeSuite access

Secure your EyeSuite against unwanted intrusion with a password and provide appropriate access rights to different users. For every user, you can select individually who gets to run an examination, look at results, edit them and even delete them. This allows you to fully comply with your clinic's and regulatory data protection laws.