Creative technology like Lenstar for excellent refractive outcomes
Creative Technology

Providing high-performance solutions for the digital age

Our design, development, and production teams are 100% committed to making the best products in the world.

High-precision mechanical systems and optics are the cornerstones of the superior performance we deliver. We combine computer systems and software to integrate imaging, electronic medical records, and automated processing into our products.

Flexibility and Durability

Diagnostic, surgical, and medical equipment that lasts

We strive to not only offer our customers the best performing products, but the flexibility of modular systems, which can be updated or upgraded as technology develops. As the pace of technology innovation has accelerated, we have developed new products that grow with you instead of being constantly outdated.

We deliver doctor-inspired form and function through products that enable the best possible patient care and cost effectiveness for medical practices. Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, and Opticians worldwide know this and value their Haag-Streit products for a lifetime of service.

Flexible, durable surgical microscopes
Reliance Medical’s XOMA system
Our Product Lines

Reliance Medical

Forward-thinking design, ergonomics, and comfort

Reliance Medical is the manufacturer of high-quality exam and procedure chairs, surgical stools, instrument delivery systems, treatment cabinets and room lighting system for ophthalmic and ENT medical practices.

Reliance products are made in the USA and sell in over 80 countries. Our design, engineering, manufacturing, and service teams are co-located with Haag Streit USA in Mason Ohio. As a world leader in ergonomic and financially high value equipment, we deliver the most rugged chairs, stools, stands, and lighting systems on the market.

Our Product Lines

Haag-Streit Surgical

Proven performers in Ophthalmology, Neurosurgery, Spine Surgery, Otolarngology, and Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, Haag Streit Surgical microscopes cover a wide range of capabilities, all at an extremely high value for operating rooms or surgical centers.

Haag-Streit surgical microscopes
Haag-Streit diagnostic slit lamps
Our Product Lines

Haag-Streit Diagnostics

Haag-Streit is the top choice for high-quality solutions for diagnostics in ophthalmology. For over fifty years, the Haag Streit Slit Lamp has sustained its reputation as the finest available in the world.

Haag-Streit diagnostic instruments distinguish themselves through:

  • Precision
  • Quality that lasts a lifetime
  • Functionality
  • Practical handling
Our Core Values

Committed to making the best products in the world

Because of our traditional values of trust, precision, and transformation, we have delivered cutting-edge innovation for the medical instrument and equipment industry for over 150 years.

Our core values
Image of a woman
Our Core Values

Tradition: Upholding industry excellence

At Haag-Streit International, tradition means taking long-term views for trustworthy thinking and acting. This thinking permeates our culture, and is the key to our leadership longevity and broad-market success at developing, producing, and distributing the finest precision medical instruments, tools and equipment on the market.

Our Core Values

Trust: Upholding continuity through direct experience

In our more than 150 years of market leadership, we have developed a continuity of trust among our customers, direct distributors, and expert organizational development and manufacturing staff. This trust, and the direct experience customers have with product quality and longevity—as well as the support they receive from our experts who live out our values—we have been able to set standards and dominate the market.

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Octopus perimetry system
Our Core Values

Precision: Key to upholding fine artistry with cutting-edge technology

We combine artistry and the finest new technologies to create unique medical field products. We are continually researching, exchanging information, and listening to customers, experts and other scientists to refine our products. Our accuracy is calibrated within millionths-of-an-inch. This precision is artfully balanced against the comfort, sturdiness, and stylish appearance of our products.

Our Core Values

Transformation: Anticipating change

Our history of success pivots around flexible approaches to change. We harness innovative development of medical and technological breakthroughs to deliver methods, instruments, equipment, and services that serve the intensely specific needs of every customer.

Haag-Streit business by the numbers
Design innovation over the years
Our History

Three generations of innovation and collaboration

Haag-Streit International started in the city of Bern, Switzerland in 1858. The legacy of tradition and innovation began by combining the talents of two precision mechanics: F. Herman and H. Studer.

These clever entrepreneurs began their careers by manufacturing and supplying meteorologic measurement instruments to the observatory and weather station in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The next big break came when they realized the market for precision mechanics included ophthalmology. They began designing instruments with Dr. Hans Goldmann, who taught at the University of Bern.

Our History

It began with instruments for ophthalmologists

Together, the three men began creating precision instruments to aide examination techniques for ophthalmologists. These instrument designs remain the basis for instruments in use today.

By 1965, Haag-Streit International recognized a need to establish an American market subsidiary, and opened the first US office in New Jersey. In the early 70s, we acquired a supplier to better secure the high quality optics required for the integral slit lamp design and other mass-produced products.

To this day, the slit lamp manufactured by Haag-Streit International is considered the finest in the world.

Hans Goldmann and the original manual Goldmann perimeter
Global expansion
Our History

Global expansion and market leadership

Haag-Streit created completed product ranges for medical professionals across the US and Europe, with a focus on supplying universities.

Further acquisitions followed to complete the product range for medical professionals and improve access to the US market—especially instrument and medical equipment supply delivery.

Our companies worldwide:

Haag-Streit International

Haag-Streit USA

Haag-Streit UK

Haag-Streit Germany

Haag-Streit Austria

Haag-Streit France

IPRO Software

Clement Clarke

Our History

The acquisition of Reliance Medical Products

Haag-Streit International acquired Reliance Medical Products in 1988. With four distribution units in Europe and the US, Reliance rounded out our offerings into the medical supply industry, bolstering our market leadership. Today, products and supplies are delivered to 80 countries.

Reliance revolutionized the hydraulic lift using a primary lever, and continues to deliver the highest quality products. Treatment chairs made in the 1940s are still in use today. The innovative hydraulic lift required only one lever for raising, lowering, revolving, or locking the chair. The Reliance chair was so famous even the barber on The Andy Griffith Show, Floyd, owned one.

Reliance Medical procedure chair
Making the best products in the world
Our Teams

Committed to making the best products in the world

Haag-Streit USA is the distribution, sales, engineering and service organization in the United States. We are wholly owned by Haag Streit International with our own management team, operating facility in Mason Ohio, and support personnel to sell, deliver, and service every product in the Haag Streit line of products.

Haag-Streit world headquarters are located in Bern Switzerland.