Simple SD-OCT

About iVue

The iVue is a portable, powerful, and simple SD-OCT. It offers the same scanning speed and resolution as the larger RTVue OCT, including; scanning and reports of the retina, retina nerve fibre and cornea assessment by the clinician. The iVue is supplied as an all-in-one package that includes a stunning 21.5″ screen or you can choose to purchase the SD-OCT with the optional laptop configuration, for maximum portability.

About iVue

A Spectral-Domain OCT for every clinical practice

The iVue SD-OCT is the next phase in advanced OCT product design. With a complete offering of retina, glaucoma and anterior segment scanning as standard, iVue is the perfect advanced, yet easy-to-use OCT for clinical practices. The streamlined user interface, small footprint and familiar slit lamp-style delivery design, all contribute to fast and efficient clinical use and patient throughput.

About iVue

A comprehensive range of retina scans

The iVue offers a range of retina scans, including; retina mapping with normative comparison, retina change analysis and 3D macula.

About iVue

Ganglion Cell Complex (GCC) analysis

Ganglion Cell Complex (GCC) is the natural process of the ganglion cell death, prior to the loss of retinal nerve fibres. GCC analysis may offer the opportunity to detect early signs of ganglion cell death associated with glaucoma, retina or neurological diseases.

GCC loss can precede Retinal Nerve Fibre Layer (RNFL) loss based on ‘The Glaucoma Continuum’.

About iVue

A comprehensive range of optic disc & GCC scans

The iVue offers a  range of scans, including; 3D optic disc, optic nerve head and ganglion cell combination Oculus Uterque (OU) report, change analysis and Ganglion Cell Complex (GCC) thickness mapping.

About iVue

3D/En Face analysis

The features of En Face analysis include; Virtual dissection of the retina and optic disc with a 512 x 128 dense cube, 67 million data points and high-density 3D volume for visualisation and analysis of the patient’s condition.

About iVue

iWellness exam software

The iWellness software elevates your comprehensive eye exam with detailed information on the health of the retina. It enables a simple scan evaluation process to ensure quality data is being captured.  The software offers a single scan to aid in the early detection of pathology. 

Cornea & anterior segment

For non-contact anterior segment assessment

The iVue offers an innovative non-contact pachymetry and angle tool. This exciting tool allows the user to visualise and measure the cornea and anterior segment.

Cornea & anterior segment

Pachymetry mapping

The iVue offers a non-contact anterior segment assessment with full 6mm diameter corneal thickness mapping and a minimum thickness indicator.


Epithelial Thickness Mapping (ETM)

The anterior segment module offers a 6mm diameter epithelial thickness map with minimum thickness marker. Epithelial Thickness Mapping (ETM) aids the clinician in evaluating potential Keratoconus, LASIK/LASEK/PRK planning, tracking epithelial regrowth,dry eye and contact lens patients.

Cornea & anterior segment

Angle visualisation and measurement

The iVue boasts a non-contact method for measuring and assessing the angle.  It allows the user to produce both change and Oculus Uterque (OU) reports.


Specialty contact lens fitting

The Vault Mapping tool enables precise visualization of the lens-to-eye relationship for specialty lens fitting. The user can evaluate central corneal clearance in exact microns with the vault map report, and measure lens settling between the first and second scan with the change map. Superior, temporal, inferior and nasal landing zones can also be evaluated with the anterior display report.

iVue Versatility

A modular system

iVue modularity provides you with various upgrade pathways to choose from so that you can offer the latest in OCT and fundus imaging to your patients. It also offers a range of options to allow the products to be transported.