The Optovue OCT portfolio

Optovue’s goal is to lead the commercialisation of new imaging modalities that improve diagnosis and therapy of ocular diseases. Optovue is committed to working with physicians to make the technology work for clinics, and most importantly to benefit patients.

It continues to push the frontiers of OCT innovation and ophthalmic medical diagnostic imaging with its Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) product portfolio, which includes the, iVue, iFusion, iScan and the Avanti RTVue XR. In addition, Optovue has launched the new AngioVue OCT-A.



The fully-automated iScan boasts a simple plug-and-play design with wireless connectivity, for quick-and-easy use. Its compact footprint makes it ideal for a range of clinical settings.

iScan includes a full suite of retina, optic nerve and anterior segment scans with a normative database comparison. It automatically evaluates each scan to ensure quality data has been captured.

iScan includes iWellness, a quick and easy OCT scan which provides valuable information to aid in the early diagnosis of ocular disease. 



iFusion combines the best of Spectral-Domain OCT and fundus imaging, in one compact instrument.

iVue + iCam = iFusion - It integrates the powerful OCT capabilities of the iVue and high-quality imaging from the iCam retinal camera, allowing a much fuller visualisation of the retina by combining the two modalities.

The iVue OCT offers full retina, optic disc, RNFL & GCC and anterior segment scanning, as standard. The iCam allows you to document all with beautiful, detail-rich colour images. Red-free images are only one-click away.

The iFusion is future-proof, as your technology needs change, iFusion’s modularity provides you with various upgrade pathways to choose from.



The iVue is the perfect advanced, yet easy-to-use OCT for clinical practices. The system combines high-resolution images with a streamlined user interface. A small footprint and familiar slit lamp design, contribute to fast and efficient clinical use.

3D en face analysis enhances volumetric visual assessment of the optic disc and macular. It enables high-density 3D volume for visualisation and analysis of the patient and condition.

Ganglion Cell Complex (GCC) analysis software offers the opportunity to detect early signs of ganglion cell death, associated with glaucoma, retina or neurological diseases.


Avanti RTVue XR

The Avanti RTVue XR offers wide-field, En Face OCT with multi-layered assessment of peripheral pathologies, breaking new standards in advanced OCT platforms.

Motion correction scanning, combined with volume rendering and vitreous enhancement, enables visualisation from choroid to vitreous, over a 40°, 3D volume area. En Face viewing assessment of the 3D data allows for thin slices of the retina to be assessed for small micro-structural changes.

SharpVue technology provides high detailed B-scans up to 12mm, using the Avanti’s 70,000 scans per second, including;  2-Phase Noise Reduction, VTRAC, real-time tracking, 5 micron resolution in tissue (3 digital) and DCI.

Deep Choroidal Imaging (DCI) pushes the signal strength into the choroid area of the retina at the click of a button. 2-phase Noise Reduction Technology (NRT) ensures that your scans are as much real tissue signal as possible, while minimising noise masquerading as tissue.

New OCT-A product

AngioVue OCT-A

AngioVue is an OCT-A system capable of imaging both the function and structure of ocular microvasculature. It provides detailed visualisation of the individual layers of the outer retina and superficial, deep and choroidal capillaries.

Unlike fluorescein angiography, the AngioVue does not require a dye injection, enabling you to repeat the procedure, as necessary.

AngioVue uses SSADA to detect motion in vessels, which improves image quality and minimises scan acquisition time. This is combined with DualTrac Motion Correction, which corrects residual eye motion artefacts and increases image intensity.