Enjoy microsurgery

Factory-preadjusted mechanical brakes provide extremely high movability of HS ALLEGRA 90 and safe stability in the working position. For magnification, a 5 step changer is integrated.


Perfect vision

Apochromatic optics provide sharp and contrasty images at any magnification. The large stereo base of 25 mm results in an exceptional depth perception and 3-dimensional vision.

Standard features

Configured to work

An X-Y coupling, helpful for horizontal tracking during ophthalmic surgery and as a focusing aid for ENT procedures, is optionally available. HS ALLEGRA 90 is equipped with a 200 mm front lens, but objective lenses of 175 mm to 400 mm focal lengths are also available. The large focusing range of 50 mm minimizes manual readjustments of the microscope.

Light management

Intraoperative filter selection

The microscope contains a filter disk for daylight, softlight, UV protection (yellow filter), blue light (excitation of fluorescence), and green light (better recognition of blood vessels). In addition, two spot diaphragms are integrated to prevent glare.

Multidisciplinary use

The all-round talent

A large inclination range of -8° to +100° makes the HS ALLEGRA 90 suitable for multidisciplinary use in ophthalmology and ENT. Laryngoscopy as well as ear examinations and surgeries are possible.


Possibilities on demand

Depending on the demand, the operating microscope HS ALLEGRA 90 can be configured in a modular way. Various optional accessories are available.

Eyepiece head variations


In order to guarantee an upright and relaxed posture during surgery HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL offers various kinds of eyepiece heads to accommodate different body heights. Other accessories include the VERTISCOPE which shortens the microscopes body and increases the distance between patient and surgeon.


Compact HD camera

C.MOR HD is a full HD colour video camera designed for the HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL microscope. Its ultra-compact camera head houses a 1/3” CMOS sensor that meets very high standards. In its 1 and 3-chip version, images are crisp and sharp. Different user settings allow individual adjustments.


Fundus observation with integrated inverter

Ideal for vitreoretinal surgery is the non-contact wide angle ophthalmoscope EIBOS 2, with integrated inverter and focussing. Covered with a sterile drape, it can be flipped down for the operation and flipped up when not needed.


Precise angle alignment of toric IOLs

TOCULAR is a rotatable wide angle ocular with an integrated reticle. This can be rotated manually via a sterilisable knob to precisely adjust the implantation angle for alignment of toric IOLs.


Comprehensive yet intuitive recording

The prime functions of HS MIOS 5 are the recording of operation scenes as well as the capturing and recording of snapshots, together with proper identification of patient and hospital data. Images and video streams can be stored on DVD-R/-RW, HDD, USB flash drive, and external USB hard disk drive or transmitted to the hospital PACS via DICOM.

EF 5000 and EF 5001

Ergonomic control

For the best ergonomic control of the microscope, HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL recommends its corrosion-proof foot switches. While EF 5000 is connected to the floor stand via a cable, EF 5001 controls 14 functions of the microscope wireless via Bluetooth.



Best control of the camera image and additional opportunities for observation are provided through monitors. These may be mounted directly to the microscope head to serve the surgeon and the assistant (M.DIS) or on the floor stand for other staff (C.MON HD).


Keratometry with ring lights

To examine the curvature of the cornea, the KERATOSCOPE can be attached to the microscope. A fixation light for the patient supports correct usage.

Floor stands

More than just carrying systems

Various floor stand options are available, including choice of illumination (halogen and LED), brakes (electromagnetic or manual) as well as size. Choose your floor stand to suit your comfort and space requirements.

FS 2-11/15

Mechanical solutions

The floor stands FS 2-11 (halogen) and FS 2-15 (LED) are equipped with mechanical brakes that allow for free-floating movements as well as for stable working positions. The light source is mounted externally for easy access. A tray to carry a camera control unit may be attached to the column. All cables are hidden inside a cable duct.


Powerful light

The floor stand is equipped with a brilliant white and clear LED illumination. In its 3rd generation, the LED features a high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) that shows colours most naturally. The homogenous light is free of hot-spot, and without IR and UV radiation is extremely safe. Its also has a highly economical lifespan of 50,000 hours.

FS 1-12

Big in small spaces

Where there is little space in the operating room or doctor's office, and for systems with few accessories, HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL offers the floor stand FS 1-12 with mechanical brakes and two 150 W halogen light bulbs with a quick switch-over mechanism.