A microscope for every surgical discipline

Haag-Streit Surgical (formerly Möller-Wedel) is recognised is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art microscope equipment. Driven by different surgical disciplines and applications, each microscope is designed to fulfill the Surgeon’s individual requirements. 

Haag-Streit Surgical is dedicated to the design and manufacture of the highest-quality operating microscopes that meet the exact needs of microsurgical fields such as; ophthalmology and optometry, neuro and spine surgery, ENT, plastic and reconstructive surgery and dental surgery. A comprehensive portfolio of microscope equipment is available including the; HS ALLEGRA 50, HS ALLEGRA 500, HS ALLEGRA 700, HS ALLEGRA 90, HS ALLEGRA 900, HS Hi-R NEO 900, HS Hi-R 700, HS 3-1000, and HS 5-1000.



The HS ALLEGRA 50 is ideal for the diverse applications associated with ENT. It is designed for examinations and small procedures in doctor’s offices and hospitals, where speed and flexibility are decisive factors.

With the support of two ergonomic hand grips, the microscope rotates around its center of gravity, thus providing optimal movement with minimal force in all directions. High-quality optics with large aperture result in an exceptionally bright image for the surgeon.



The HS ALLEGRA 500 is ideal for ENT and dental surgical applications, where speed and flexibility is paramount.

Due to the inclination angle of -30° to +120° and the lateral tilt of +/-45°, deep cavities and narrow canals can be optimally illuminated and examined while the operating microscope remains balanced.

The apochromatic optics provides a sharp and contrasty image for the surgeon at any magnification of the zoom. Due to the large stereo base of 25 mm, an exceptional depth perception is achieved.


HS Allegra 700

The HS ALLEGRA 700 is designed for surgical procedures in day clinics, surgical centres, and hospitals.

Building on the HS ALLEGRA 500, the HS ALLEGRA 700 model offers even more functions, such as a stereoscopic observer and a pre-mounted camera attachment.

Combined with the new floor stand FS 2-13 (xenon), the HS ALLEGRA 700 gives the perfect solution for ENT procedures. 



The HS ALLEGRA 90 is mainly recommended to be used for ophthalmic surgery and small ENT procedures and examinations.

The Allegra 90 contains a 5 step magnification changer. It is equipped with a 200 mm front lens, but objective lenses of 175 mm to 400 mm focal lengths can easily be chosen

For ophthalmic procedures a 60° eyepiece head allows a stress-free and ergonomic working position of the surgeon. An integrated red reflex enhancer provides ideal recognition of the capsula in cataract surgery. By removing the 60° adapter from the eyepiece head a 0° eyepiece head remains, which allows the surgeon to perform ENT procedures.

An optional X-Y coupling is available for horizontal tracking during ophthalmic surgery and is a focusing aid for ENT procedures. 



The HS ALLEGRA 900 is recommended to be used for ophthalmic, ENT, and reconstructive surgery.

With its newly-designed electromagnetic brake, the microscope is exceptionally easy to move but stable in the working position. It is equipped with 1:6 zoom, X-Y coupling, inclinable eyepiece head, and 10x wide angle oculars. In ophthalmic surgery a red reflex enhancer provides ideal recognition of the capsula.

A special advantage for multidisciplinary use is the large inclination range of 8° to +100°, e.g. for ophthalmology and ENT procedures. 
An optional integrated video camera module is available.


HS Hi-R NEO 900

The HS Hi-R NEO 900 is specifically designed for ophthalmology and hand surgery. It allows superior judgment and treatment with best depth perception and 3-dimensional vision due to its 25 mm stereo base.

The microscope’s integrated display gives instant feedback on all important settings. In a single glance you find information on the positions of focus, zoom, and X-Y coupling as well as the level of illumination. To maximise the freedom of positioning the microscope, an inclination mechanism has been integrated ranging from -70° to +90°. Fine adjustments can be made in sterile manner during surgery.

The HS Hi-R NEO 900 is fully-modular. Standard accessories are available including a; recording system, keratoscope, motorised slit lamp, depth-of-field diaphragm as well as observers, cameras and foot switches.


HS Hi-R 700

The HS Hi-R 700 boasts high-flexibility and outstanding optical quality. Its modular design and wide range of accessories allow operation in neuro and spine surgery, ENT procedures as well as plastic and reconstructive applications.

The choice of three types of floor stands perfectly complements the optical head. The 300 W xenon illumination provides high colour fidelity and clear vision, even in narrow cavities and at large working distances. 

The HS Hi-R 700 has a large 25 mm stereo base, providing realistic 3D images and an astonishing depth perception. In high-magnification the depth of field can be individually adjusted with the integrated iris diaphragm. A full range of video cameras, recording and displaying equipment completes the system.


HS 3-1000

Designed for spinal, neurosurgery and ENT, the HS 3-1000 combines the FS 3-43 floor stand with the HS Hi-R 1000 operating microscope and provides the surgeon with optimal working conditions, as well as impressive modularity.

The apochromatic optics ensures perfect colour fidelity, strong contrast and the highest-resolution. The 25mm stereo base provides excellent depth perception and working distances from 224 to 510 mm, optional 200 to 450 mm, can easily be achieved. 

The SensoServo system of the operating microscope system uses ‘fly-by-wire‘ technology to move the microscope in all directions with utmost precision and requiring minimal force. Electromagnetic brakes in the floor stand support the smooth movements and the hydraulic damping system minimises vibrations. Due to the floor stand´s long arm reach highest flexibility is achieved in the operating theatre. 


HS 5-1000

Designed specifically for neurosurgery, the HS 5-1000 combines the FS 5-33 floor stand with the HS Hi-R 1000 operating microscope.

Its optical qualities comply with the highest standards allowing for perfect vision. Apochromatic optics delivers perfect colour fidelity, strong contrast and high-resolution and its 25 mm stereo base provides superior 3D depth perception.

The variable focus assembly permits working distances from 224 mm to 510 mm without lens exchange. Optionally, an alternative focus assembly is available that allows focusing at working distances of 200 mm to 450 mm. The integrated double iris diaphragm can be used to maximise the depth of field.

As standard, the system is equipped with a powerful 300 W xenon illumination To overcome the effect of darker images when increasing the magnification, the microscope features illumination zoom functionality. This automatically adjusts the light to the size of the visible field and ensures optimal and constant brightness.