Perfect co-observation

With its flat design and a size of 21.5“, the brilliant HD monitor C.MON HD can easily be attached to the microscope‘s floor stand. Due to the planar screen and glass surface it can be disinfected easily. Its touch function can be operated even with medical gloves and it can also be used with the recording system HS MIOS. C.MON HD is fully safety-approved for medical use.


In direct view

The M.DIS (Microscope Display) is a touch screen mounted close to the oculars in the surgeon’s direct view. It can visualize up to 3 different video inputs that are connected to the screen via M.BOX S. To switch between the different video inputs a simple tap of your finger is all that is needed.

When connected to the HS MIOS the M.DIS acts as a remote control of the recording system. It can even be operated through the drape and makes visualization possible right in front of the surgeon. This is especially beneficial when using ICG fluorescence.

Additionally M.DIS acts as the control panel for the iOCT.