Comprehensive & user-friendly microscope imaging solutions

To complement its comprehensive microscope range, Haag-Streit Surgical provides a number of unique and user-friendly microscope imaging solutions, from high-quality colour cameras, monitors and touch screens, to full-HD microscope imaging and operating systems. Imaging solutions include the; MIOS 5, C.MOR HD, C.MON HD and M.DIS.



MIOS stands for Microscope Imaging and Operation System. With the MIOS 5 Haag-Streit Surgical has set a new standard for handling recording systems, which boast intuitive software control and error-proof hardware.

The MIOS 5 has full HD-functionality. In addition to the high-quality recording of operation scenes, the MIOS 5 can capture and record snapshots, which can be assigned to patient names and stored internally or externally on USB drives or DVDs.

The MIOS 5 can be fully-integrated with Haag-Streit Surgical microscopes. Video recordings and capturing of still images can be triggered by programmable buttons on the foot or hand switches. Microscope settings such as zoom, focus, and light values can be shown as an overlay on all recordings. In addition to the MIOS 5, Haag-Streit Surgical also offers the MIOS 4, a standard non-HD solution.



C.MOR HD is a full HD colour video camera designed for use with Haag-Streit Surgical operating microscopes.

Its ultra-compact camera head houses a 1/3‘‘ CMOS sensor that meets very high-standards. With a resolution of 900 TV lines and an S/N ratio of 500 dB images are crisp and sharp. Different user settings allow for individual adjustments.



With its flat design and the size of 21.5“ the C.MON HD monitor can easily be attached to the microscope‘s floor stand.

Its touch function can be operated even with medical gloves. Due to the planar screen and glass surface it can be disinfected easily. For the safety of the system C.MON HD is fully-approved for medical use.



The M.DIS is a touch-screen microscope display that is mounted close to the oculars, in the surgeon’s direct view.

It can visualise up to 3 different video inputs that are connected to the screen. With a simple tap of the finger the user to easily switch between the different video inputs.

When connected to the HS MIOS the M.DIS acts as a remote control of the recording system. It can even be operated through the drape and makes visualisation possible right in front of the surgeon. This is especially beneficial for ICG.