Expert for ergonomic and stable positioning

The saddle-like form of the seat and the backrest enable fatigue-free working for the surgeon in a comfortable but secure posture.

The backrest can be adjusted to be fixed or spring-loaded, and is designed to support the lumbar vertebrae. Two long armrests, important for secure positioning of the lower arm, are adjustable in height and angulation.

The carriage, with five twin castors, provides perfect mobility.

Rechargeable battery

Wireless power

The chair is electronically lifted with the power supplied from a rechargeable battery at the reverse of the chair, thus avoiding further cables in the operating room. A battery charger can be wall-mounted.

Foot console

Fixed foot positioning

COMBISIT L also has a foot console, detachable via a lever, for two foot switches to control operating microscopes or other surgical equipment. The console rests on twin castors with brakes and moves with the chair, thus increasing mobility. It may be detached via a lever to use the chair for operations not requiring a foot switch.


High movability & compact design

If little space is available in the operating room, HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL recommends the smaller and lighter surgeon’s chair COMBISIT S. It contains a pneumatic height adjustment from 530 mm to 720 mm via foot release. The saddle-like seat as well as the armrests are the same as those of COMBISIT L. For high movability, the base of 600 mm diameter rests on five twin castors.