Unique accessories to assist the surgeon

To complement its comprehensive microscope range, Haag-Streit Surgical provides unique accessories. These include the EIBOS 2 ophthalmoscope, which enables simultaneous observation of the fundus and incision area. The integrated inverter of the EIBOS 2 gives an upright image all the time without having the need for an external inverter in the microscope stack. This is particularly useful for operating rooms where the scope is shared by both anterior and posterior segment surgeons.

Haag-Streit Surgical also offers the TOCULAR, an ocular with an integrated, rotatable reticule displaying a scale. Aligning a toric IOL to the astigmatic axis can be difficult as the eye rotates when the patient lies down, using the TOCULAR the surgeon can determine the rotation and hence work faster and with higher precision.



The EIBOS 2 enables non-contact wide-angle fundus observation. The unique benefit of EIBOS 2 is the integrated inverter which minimises the height of the microscope and flips away when not needed. The inverter body is extremely slim which allows the surgeon, at low magnification, to simultaneously visualise the fundus and the incision area, upright in the same orientation.

At medium or high-magnification, the surgeon has the impression of ‘being’ in the eye instead of just looking at the fundus. Two ophthalmoscopic lenses are available: 90 D and SPXL for wide angle observation. Their high-quality optics allow excellent vision to the edges of the visual field. Operation is fast and easy as the microscope is immediately focused on the cornea when the EIBOS 2 is flipped out of its working position.



During implantation of toric IOLs precise angle alignment of the lens in the capsule is required. Haag-Streit Surgical has developed the TOCULAR to assist in this procedure and ensure that toric IOL alignment is made simple for the surgeon.

The TOCULAR is a wide-angle ocular with a rotating reticle, which shows a cross hair and an angular scale at the periphery of the visual field. The reticle is clear in the centre of the field and can be rotated manually via a sterilisable knob. IOL alignment better than +/-1° is achievable. The TOCULAR is mountable on every Haag-Streit Surgical eyepiece head with wide angle oculars.