Put infection where it belongs

Consistently reliable IOP

Goldmann applanation tonometry has become the standard method of testing Intra-Ocular Pressure (IOP). There has always been some concern that reusable tonometer prisms could present a real risk of cross-infection between patients. Tonosafe is a low-cost, disposable prism, which reduces the risk of cross-infection, without compromising the performance of Goldmann applanation tonometers.

Safety & accuracy on contact

More than meets the eye

Tonosafe is developed, manufactured and supported by Haag-Streit, so quality, accuracy and reliability are assured. Calibrated to Goldmann standards, Tonosafe has been specifically designed for use with Goldmann and Perkins style tonometers.

Safety & accuracy on contact

Supplied fully-sterilised

Tonosafe avoids the need for time consuming and laborious cleaning and disinfection, without compromising the original Goldmann quality. It has been developed for single patient use only and reliably eliminates the risk of cross infection, even in the most difficult situations.

Sold Worldwide for over twenty years, Tonosafe disposable prisms are now recognised as the leading method of reducing the risk of cross infection during tonometry.

Dependable clinical results


A number of peer-reviewed clinical investigations have validated Tonosafe compared to the Haag-Streit Goldmann tonometer prism and found it to be cost-effective and provide consistently reliable results across a range of Intra-Ocular Pressures (IOP).

The product is routinely used in many countries Worldwide, including; UK, USA, Germany, Switzerland, France, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Spain.

Dependable clinical results

Clear & consistent mires

Precision engineered to meticulous standards, Tonosafe provides a superb view of the fluorescent tonometer mires to ensure the highest optical clarity; synonymous with Haag-Streit’s tonometry heritage. 

Practical & precise

Accurate, quick and easy to use

Everything you need is supplied in one box, including prism holders. Boxed in 100s, Tonosafe is supplied in five trays of 20 prisms (plus one prism holder). The combined weight of prism and holder is 1.65g +/- 0.05g, so no conversion of results is required.