The Gold Standard in tonometery

Haag-Streit offers a comprehensive range of tonometers and accessories. The AT 900 and AT 900 D Goldmann tonometers affix to the slit lamp and are swivelled in front of the microscope for the examination. The observation of the applanated surface is conducted monocularly – only through the left eyepiece.

Disposable tonometer prisms, such as Tonosafe, or reusable Goldmann measuring prisms can be used with both fixed or hand held tonometers, such as the Perkins Mk3. 


Goldmann Applanation Tonometer

Because it is fast and reproducible, Goldmann applanation tonometry has been the gold standard in tonometry for many decades. AT 900 is the original version of the Goldmann tonometer and works 100% mechanically. The digital Goldmann tonometer AT 900 D adds the advantages of state-of-the-art digital technology. Wireless transfer of the IOP readings and left/right eye position allows direct integration of the tonometer into an existing patient information system, thus facilitating an ergonomic workflow.


Reusable Goldmann prisms

Goldmann tonometer prisms are manufactured by Haag-Streit and are recognised as being an important part of a diagnostic instrument that has become the Gold Standard for IOP measurement.

Goldmann measuring prisms are distinguished by their optical and mechanical performance, which allows for fast and reliable measurements in daily practice. Reusable, they can be disinfected with a number of commercially available disinfectants.


Tonosafe disposable prisms

Tonosafe is a disposable measuring prism for all Goldmann Applanation Tonometers, such as the AT 900 D and the Perkins Tonometer. Single-use Tonosafe tonometer prisms are a convenient, effective method of reducing the risk of cross infection between patients.

Tonosafe is specifically-designed for use with Goldmann Applanation Tonometers as the Tonosafe prism and holder combine to have the same dimensions as the original Goldmann prism and therefore no conversion of results is required.

With Tonosafe there is no need to disinfect the prisms after each patient. You simply dispose of it after each use.


Perkins Mk3 hand-held tonometer

In addition to traditional affixed Haag-Streit tonometers, we also offer the Clement Clarke Ophthalmic Perkins Mk3.

Goldmann-compatible, the Perkins Mk3 hand-held applanation tonometer provides the same proven accuracy as other the clinically-trusted Haag-Streit manufactured tonometers.

The portable Perkins Mk3 is comfortable to hold, well-balanced and designed specifically to examine patients difficult to assess by traditional applanation tonometry methods, e.g. bed-ridden or paediatric. It boasts innovative built-in LED illumination, which produces an enhanced image of the tonometer mires, permitting use regardless of ambient lighting conditions.