The modern Goldmann perimeter

Enjoy the built-in expertise of 70 years of experience in perimetry in your Octopus perimeter. Since the invention of the manual Goldmann perimeter in 1946 by Hans Goldmann, Haag-Streit has been a leader in perimetry which led, amongst others, to the invention of the first automated perimeter developed by Franz Fankhauser in 1974.

The Octopus perimeter range includes the Octopus 900 and Octopus 600. Choose from a wide array of static and kinetic perimetric tests, use the EyeSuite analysis software as your guide and network your Octopus for an effective clinical workflow.


Octopus 900

The Octopus 900 is the only perimeter that retains the capabilities and specifications of the original Goldmann standard. With its true Goldmann-sized cupola, it performs accurate manual and automated Goldmann perimetry. 

Whether you need fast screenings, early detection, general thresholding or kinetic testing for neuro and end-stage pathologies, the Octopus 900 provides astounding flexibility. Powerful EyeSuite Progression Analysis software for following up visual field progress is provided, as standard.


Octopus 600

The Octopus 600 combines the Pulsar method and standard white-on-white perimetry for long-term follow-up in a single device.

Pulsar is a patented flicker stimulus, displaying a ring pattern with different contrast levels in counterphase. The test is easy to take, and is both sensitive and specific in the detection of early glaucoma. The Octopus 600 boasts a compact design and streamlined operation with touchscreen optimised EyeSuite software.  



MASK-it™ paper eye patches simplify occlusion. Available in boxes of 500 pieces, they are size-adjustable and are fully-disposable, thus reducing the risk of cross-infection.

These translucent eye patches allow the patient to keep both eyes open during testing. They are so light, the patient does not even notice them and has completely normal vision.