Haag-Streit Complements portfolio

Convenience, safety & comfort

Haag-Streit offers a range of disposable devices; diagnostic contact and non-contact lenses; and ophthalmic tables, units and chairs to complement its line of ophthalmic, optometry and orthoptic equipment.

Haag-Streit complements portfolio


Haag-Streit offers a range of disposables to reduce the risk of cross-infection between patients. All products are easy-to-use and provide accurate results.

The convenient MASK-it disposable paper eye patches provide fast and effective occlusion, whilst Tonosafe disposable prisms avoid the need for time-consuming and laborious disinfection.

Sterycup, the disposable, sterile buffer for diagnostic contact lenses, significantly reduces the risk of bacterial transfer. FLUO 900 are sterile, individually-wrapped ophthalmic strips which are impregnated with fluorescein sodium dye used for evaluating contact lens fitting. 

Our chinrest papers come in a dispenser box containing 500 disposable single sheets. They fit all of the Haag-Streit headrests and provides comfort and hygiene for your patients.


Diagnostic lenses

A wide range of Haag-Streit Diagnostic contact and non-contact lenses are available for use as part of a comprehensive slit lamp or Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope (BIO) examination or for therapeutic laser therapy.

Haag-Streit contact lenses were developed largely in conjunction with Prof. Goldmann and are designed for an optimal examination of the eye with the slit lamp. They are valuable diagnostic accessories which have proven use in ophthalmic clinical practice and research.

The Haag-Streit 81 D non-contact lens is a powerful tool for biomicroscopy as well as laser treatment (wavelength of 450 to 650 nm) of the fundus.


Ophthalmic furniture

Haag-Streit UK is the exclusive UK supplier of DOMS, Reliance and Haag-Streit Diagnostic ophthalmic furniture, providing an extensive range of instrument tables, stools and operator chairs.

DOMS offer modern examination units for refraction and diagnostics, with professional sliding tables and more compact, space-saving units. Reliance exam and procedure chairs offer the long-lasting comfort, style and functionality physicians need to provide patients with optimal care. 

Haag-Streit instrument tables provide ergonomic solutions for the examination room. Intelligently designed, the tables guarantees that all equipment and cabling can be neatly installed.