Premier diagnostic ultrasound system

For all your diagnostic needs

Renowned for its unparalleled sensitivity, the Eye Cubed features real-time imaging, advanced movie mode and a range of probes to cover all of your diagnostic needs, from anterior to posterior segment. All of these will advance and improve your diagnostic efforts.

Customised A scan & B scan modes

Meets all your needs for both posterior and anterior segments

Eye Cubed meets all of your needs for both the posterior and anterior segments, offering 40 MHz UBM, 10MHz sealed B-scan, 10 MHz focused A- Scan and 8 MHz diagnostic A-scan.

Customised A scan & B scan modes

B-Scan modes

The Eye Cubed offers two fast and effective B-Scan probes.  The 40 MHz UBM mode delivers accurate measurement and evaluation of the iris, lens, angle and ciliary body, including sulcus-to-sulcus (ICL sizing) and IOL haptic placement.

The 10 MHz Posterior mode produces the subtlest vitreous echoes, offering unparalleled distinction between the retina, choroid and sclera, as well as the vitreo-retinal junction.

Customised A-scan & B-scan modes

A-scan modes

There are two A-scan probes, which offer accurate and precise measurements.  The 10MHz focused A-scan mode delivers ultra-precise axial length measurement with faster, easier image acquisition in real-time movie mode.

The 10MHz standardised A-scan enables precision tissue differentiation with a measurement accuracy of 50 microns inherent and 100 microns clinical.

Customised A-scan & B-scan modes

Self-calibrating Smart Talk probes

Each Smart Talk probe communicates with the Eye Cubed’s system electronics to deliver greater image detail, sensitivity and resolution. Unlike conventional probes, which use average probe settings, this process of self-calibration ensures that each Smart Talk probe is assigned the optimal parameter settings based on its mechanical and acoustic characteristics.

Customised A scan & B scan modes

Custom velocity settings

In addition to pre-programmed velocities for phakic, aphakic and four types of pseudo-phakic eyes, Eye Cubed enables you to adjust for all particular cases and program velocities accordingly.

High-speed, high-quality images

Highest signal-to-noise ratio on the market

The unique amplifier and probe design, combined with the industry’s highest signal-to-noise ratio, allows the Eye Cubed to deliver substantially more ultrasonic data-per-second than any other ultrasound system on the market today. Because noise is reduced to a minimum, details of even the finest ocular structures become visible – including blood and inflammatory cells.

High-speed, high-quality images

Advanced movie technology

Eye Cubed’s advanced movie technology greatly improves the diagnostic capability and speed of each exam, allowing you to capture up to 20-second movies. Movies can be reviewed frame-by-frame in order to reveal greater detail, or can be played back in full movie mode.

High-speed, high-quality images

High-speed imaging for real-time display

With an image acquisition rate of up to 25 frames-per-second, Eye Cubed provides the fastest image-sampling rate available. This speed creates a real-time view of detailed ocular activity, including blood cell movement and membrane behaviour.

High speed, high-quality images

Real-time image processing

A series of four image processing algorithms allow you to enhance each scan in real-time, rather than afterwards. These algorithms are optimised for use in ophthalmic echography and have been developed by Ellex’s in-house software engineering team to deliver greater image control. Choose your preferred interpolation method from a number of options, including; Lowest neighbour, linear interpolation, bilinear interpolation and cubic interpolation.

High speed, high-quality images

Sensitive scan transmit control

Featuring Sensitive Scan technology, Eye Cubed enables you to adjust the probe and transmit energy to ensure optimal tissue sensitivity. This gives you the ability to discern between the finest ocular structure, such as subtle vitreous opacities and sub-retinal fluids.

Improve practice workflow

Intuitive user-friendly software

Eye Cubed incorporates a number of features designed to accelerate practice workflow, including improved export and import functionality and expanded measurement options. Intuitive and easy-to-use, it offers a multilingual user interface, full-screen scan viewing and customised report capability.

Improve practice workflow

Dicom compatible for improved connectivity

An optional DICOM license streamlines the examination process from start to finish:

1. Load patient work list from the EMR system and select patient record

2. Perform examination

3. Store examination reports to the network (EMR system or Picture Archiving and Communication System – PACS).