Safety & accuracy on contact

Consistent measurement results

Established for over 50 years, Perkins is synonymous with being the ‘gold-standard’ in hand-held applanation tonometers. The Perkins Mk3 hand-held applanation tonometer provides the same proven accuracy as other clinically-trusted Haag-Streit manufactured tonometers.

Perkins Mk3 features

Ergonomic design

Clement Clarke originally developed the popular Perkins tonometer during the 1970s. Over time, it has been updated and improved, creating an ergonomic design, as well as giving the instrument a longer-lasting battery and enhanced internal LED illumination.

Perkins Mk3 features

Improved LED illumination

The innovative built-in LED illumination produces an enhanced image of the tonometer mires, permitting use regardless of ambient lighting conditions. It also produces lower operating temperatures, giving greater comfort to both the operator and the patient.

Perkins MK3 features

Longer-lasting battery

The Perkins Mk3 hand-held applanation tonometer contains a long-lasting integral rechargeable battery. In conjunction with the enhanced LED illumination, less energy is required and increased operating times are achieved.

Perkins Mk3 features

Tonogrip prism holder

The new easy-to-use ‘Tonogrip’ prism holder allows for straightforward placement of both sterilised Goldmann reusable prisms and Tonosafe disposable prisms.

Goldmann applanation tonometry

Use disposable or reusable prisms

Because it is fast and reproducible, the Goldmann applanation tonometry principle is still the most widely used approach to measure intraocular pressure.

The Perkins tonometer is compatible with both Haag-Streit Tonosafe disposable prisms and reusable Goldmann tonometer prisms.

Goldmann applanation tonometry

Convenient, safe & accurate

Tonosafe reduces the risk of cross-infection between patients. Used in conjunction with the Perkins tonometer it avoids the need for timely and laborious disinfection, without compromising the original Goldmann quality.

Goldmann applanation tonometry

Excellent optical quality

Haag-Streit’s Goldmann measuring prisms distinguish themselves by their optical and mechanical performance, which allows for fast and reliable measurements in daily practice.

Portable performance

Precision counter-balanced movements

The hand-held Perkins tonometer is comfortable to hold and well-balanced. It has been specifically designed to examine patients who have often been difficult to assess by traditional applanation tonometry methods. These include; bed-ridden, wheelchair-bound, paediatric and community-based patients.