HS-UK launch Optovue’s innovative DualTrac and Vault Mapping technology in the UK

HS-UK is pleased to announce the official UK launch of DualTrac Motion Correction technology on the AngioVue OCT-A and Vault Mapping software on Optovue’s iSeries OCT systems (iVue, iFusion and iScan).

DualTrac Motion Correction is a unique technology which provides motion correction at two levels. It combines video tracking and Motion Correction Technology (MCT) to enable true 3D tracking. The first level provides real-time correction for rapid eye movements, blinking or eye drifting, which improves patient comfort. The second level occurs during post-processing of imaging and corrects smaller levels of motion distortion. This combined approach results in reliable motion correction for patients who have trouble directing their focus on a central point during an eye exam and is essential for high-quality OCT-A imaging.

Jacqui Kenyon, HS-UK Product Manager, said, “This new two-level motion correction approach provides superior performance compared with other tracking systems.  DualTrac offers fast, reliable results for accurate diagnosis and follow-up.”

The Vault Mapping tool is available exclusively on Optovue’s iVue, iFusion and iScan OCT systems. It enables precise visualisation of the lens-to-eye relationship for specialty lens fitting. The vault map report allows the user to evaluate central corneal clearance in exact microns. Lens settling can also be measured between the first and second scan with the change map, and an anterior display report allows evaluation of superior, temporal, inferior and nasal landing zones.

For more information on any of the Optovue OCT and OCT-A range of products, please call Haag-Streit UK on (01279) 883807, or email info@haag-streit-uk.com.

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The Haag-Streit UK events calendar

HS-UK 2017 Retina Symposium

Haag-Streit UK is delighted to be hosting the HS-UK 2017 Retina Symposium on 30th January 2017.

Midland Hotel, Manchester

The goal of the HS-UK 2017 Retina Symposium is to bring together retina specialists from all over the UK and further afield to facilitate a wider exchange of ideas and concepts. It will also evoke stimulating discussions, focusing on current and future treatment and management strategies in medical and surgical retina care.

The one-day program consists of short lectures, followed by workshops and question-and-answer sessions with the audience. The event will also provide invaluable networking opportunities.

The Symposium will cover a variety of topics, including; ‘OCT-Angiography’, ‘Next generation laser therapy’, ‘Wide-field, true colour and auto-fluorescence imaging’ and ‘Microperimetry’.

Dr Pearse A. Keane will be chairing the HS-UK 2017 Retina Symposium. Other confirmed members of the faculty include; Ms Rehna Khan, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Calderdale Hospitals NHS Trust; Mr Nishal Patel, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Kent & Canterbury Hospital; Mr Marco Morales, Nottingham Centre for Eye Research and Mr Serge Pierrache, International Sales Director, EMEA Optovue.

HS-UK are delighted to confirm that two FREE essential retinal imaging books will be offered to delegates as part of their delegate pack. ‘Clinical OCT Angiography Atlas’ by Bruno Lumbroso is a comprehensive guide to this important imaging modality in ophthalmology. The book is divided into two parts; the first covers the technology and interpretation of OCT-A, the second covers the study of diseases and disorders using OCT-A. 

The second book, ‘The Eidon Clinical Atlas’ is an essential book on retinal imaging by Professor Giovanni Staurenghi.  Professor Staurenghi’s research, publications and lectures focus on different types of imaging and their treatment.

The cost of the Symposium will be £100 and online booking is now live at www.haagstreituk.com/retinasymposium  For more information, please contact Jane Smith, Training Co-ordinator, on (01279) 456266 or email jsmith@haag-streit-uk.com.