A comprehensive product portfolio

Haag-Streit UK designs, manufactures and sells a complete line of ophthalmic, optometry and orthoptic equipment and has exclusive distributorships for some leading brands, such as; Haag-Streit Diagnostics, Clement Clarke Ophthalmic, CenterVue, Ellex, Haag-Streit Surgical and Optovue.

By bringing together trusted brands, HS-UK can offer infinite solutions that exceed the high standards set by each individual manufacturer.


Exceptional customer care

Haag-Streit UK ensure that all of our products are backed by the highest level of service and support. The organisation is dedicated to providing tailored solutions through the integration of information technology, leading brand ophthalmic instruments and unparalleled customer care. It focuses on the individual requirements of both the professional and the patient.


A dedicated team

The company boasts a UK-wide network of Area Sales Managers and Service Engineers. This field-based team is supported by Product Managers and an internal Customer Service Team. HS-UK staff are dedicated to providing an outstanding service and will always go the extra mile for our customers.


How it all began

Since it’s formation in 1917 as Clement Clarke, the company has been dedicated to research development and the manufacture of gold-standard ophthalmic instruments. By 1958, the group had expanded rapidly and was one of the leading dispensing opticians in the UK with 104 outlets. In 1986 the group was purchased by Boots Plc.

2017 marks the centenary of Clement Clarke Limited. Haag-Streit UK, along with sister companies; Clement Clarke International, John Weiss & Sons and Clement Clarke Holdings, are celebrating the long and varied history of Clement Clarke Limited with a special commemorative movie.

The 30-minute film can be streamed in-full (1.2 GB) by clicking on the 'watch the video' button below.  You can view smaller chapters of the film here

Haag-Streit history

The beginning of Haag-Streit UK

Clement Clarke was purchased by Haag-Streit in 1989 which further strengthened the company’s resources and gained access to new markets and long term investment. The Ophthalmic division was renamed Haag-Streit UK in 2001.

The Clement Clarke Ophthalmic brand was developed in 2012 to represent the instruments that are manufactured in the HS-UK Harlow headquarters. These include the Perkins hand-held tonometer and the BA 904 portable slit lamp. The company also acts as the exclusive distributor for a number of other manufacturers, including; Haag-Streit Diagnostics, Haag-Streit Surgical, Ellex, CenterVue and Optovue