A new way of imaging

MIOS stands for Microscope Imaging and Operation System. Its main functions are recording operation scenes, as well as capturing of snapshots which can be assigned to patient names and stored internally or externally on USB drives or DVDs. Developed in close relationship with surgeons and users, the three different colored menus guide you easily through surgery.

The hardware

Robust and safe

Consisting of a medical graded PC and a touch screen the hardware of HS MIOS fulfills the strong regulations for surgical theaters.

The latest product release is the HS MIOS 5 with full HD functionality as its main advantage. A recording system for standard quality, the HS MIOS 4, is also available.

Complete virus safety

Safe as security lock

The system data is stored on two redundant write protected CF cards. This guarantees that the system cannot be affected by viruses. Should viruses enter the system via USB-flash drives they cannot stick to the system end are gone after the next reboot. Additionally, this makes it easy to service.

Patient storage space

Operate at full capacity

The hardware for the HS MIOS recording solution was especially designed for use in operating theaters. Thus patient data is stored on exchangeable hard drives to maintain privacy. With 1000 hours of recording capacity the HS MIOS is outstanding.


Two finger control

Similar to a tablet PC, the new multi-touch monitor of the HS MIOS 5 enables the user to dynamically zoom in and navigate through the live picture. Interesting areas are magnified and their position is shown in an overview window in the top right corner.

The software

Intuitive workflow

In three easy steps you are guided through your surgical workflow to ensure your surgical images and videos are recorded correctly and completely with easy detectability at any later point in time.

Patient menu

Select your patient

The patient menu features an intelligent patient search function that shows live results. The patient data may be sorted by different properties so the system can be operated more quickly. Patient data that is stored on the HS MIOS can be opened for preview.


Capture your surgery

The recording menu is used to record videos and snapshots onto the internal hard drive or directly to a USB flash drive, USB hard disk, or a network folder. The best live image observation is provided by the full-screen mode. For direct comparison, previously taken videos and snapshots can be reviewed side by side with the live image.


Store your recordings

The archive provides a summary of all patient information sorted by surgery date. Single recordings and images can be marked for deleting, copying, and viewing. For copying, select the target drive between connected external drives or network folders. To fit a CD’s or DVD’s capacity, different video sizes can be selected.

Optional software modules

Boosted performance

On demand the performance of HS MIOS can be increased. Various software modules are available that allow additional functionalities to automate procedures, increase connectivity, and increase functionalities.


Automatic editing

M.AED is a unique feature that allows automatic editing without changing the normal/full recording. Its initial setup is as easy as its operation. Interesting scenes are marked during surgery via snapshots and video sequences around the snapshots are stored. When entering the archive menu all interesting scenes are automatically composed into one additional video.


Connect your recordings

By activating the M.REC 2 the live streams two camera inputs are shown simultaneously on the HS MIOS 5: one as a full screen image, the other displayed as a picture-in-picture. Starting recording or doing a snapshot will automatically activate the function for both streams. This will result in two separate full HD videos being recorded or two separate high quality snapshots being taken.


Voice Recording

Comment your procedures and use your voice additional to the images for documentation: this is possible with M.AUDIO. Using a head-mounted microphone HS MIOS 5 can also record your voice with this module.



Automatic focusing is available with all microscope systems for Neuro/Spine, ENT, and Plastic & Reconstructive surgery. Benefit from best focusing results with an active focus area that is adjustable in size and position.



M.DCM, the DICOM module, is fully integrated into all three program steps of the HS MIOS, making it possible for the user to download a worklist from the DICOM Server, access the PACS database, send selected pictures, and videos to the DICOM Server, and create a DICOM media storage DVD.



The Wi-Fi module is used to establish a wireless connection to the network. The standard IEEE 802.11n, as well as WPA2 encryption are supported. For easy handling HS MIOS with M.WFI automatically reconnects to the network when the system is booted up.


ICG fluorescence

The HS MIOS module M.ICG is integrated in all ICG-compatible microscope systems. ICG recording is initialized via hand switch or touch screen and automatically turns the ICG live image to full screen. A playback mode allows slow motion and loop playing of all interesting scenes.