The reticle

Precise alignment

TOCULAR is a rotatable wide angle ocular with an integrated reticle that can be rotated manually via a sterilizable knob. For best visibility the reticle is clear in the center of the visual field. It allows an IOL alignment of better than +/- 2°.

Pre-operative work

Marking of the eye

Prior to the operation the astigmatic angle has to be determined with a keratoscope or a biometer. We recommend the use of the Haag-Streit LENSTAR LS 900. The vertical and/or horizontal coordinates are ink-marked on the eye with a sterilizable pre-marker as the Davis pre-marking system distributed by John Weiss.

During surgery

Alignment of the toric IOL

After implantation of the IOL, the microscope zoom is adjusted to show the ink-marking in the visual field of the oculars. With the knob on the TOCULAR the reticle is turned to align the large scaled markings with the ink-marks on the eye. Now the IOL can be brought into position using the medium and small reticle markings.