Core competence: microsurgery

With our focus on microsurgery we provide operating microscopes for the fields of ophthalmology, neuro and spine surgery, ENT, plastic & reconstructive surgery as well as for dental and maxillary operations.

Service and aftersales

Our valuable high class products undergo strong quality testing according to international standards to ensure a long product lifetime.

Continuous service is guaranteed by our worldwide distributor network

We are happy to support you in integrating our products into your existing range of services and creating individual practice concepts.

Traditional heritage

Founded in 1846 by Johann Diedrich Möller the company has always been in production of high-precision optics for medicine and science. Today this enterprise as well as hundreds of valuable experiences have merged in HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL.


HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL microscopes and equipment are available worldwide through dedicated representatives as well as our national sister companies. All of our partners provide competent served and support.