Look closer. See further.

We believe in a world that uses latest technology to support the surgeon’s success by minimizing distraction in terms of ergonomics and workflow, allowing brilliant vision and illumination beyond the visible and caring about their economic well-being to optimize the patient’s satisfaction throughout the lifetime of each of our products.


Created internationally - Made in Germany

The needs and demands of international physicians provide the guidelines and inspiration for the design of our operating microscopes. The idea is to create operating microscopes that solve surgical challenges and improve the workflow.

The engineering and manufacturing guidelines we put to ourselves are high and follow the rules of the HAAG-STREIT Group. Engineering accomplishes functions that are operated precisely and securely. Final assembly takes place on our premises for products “Made in Germany”.

Counting on our traditional heritage of over 150 years the brand can count on vast experiences in product design, customer knowledge and manufacturing. Reliability we not only expect for ourselves but also for each individual product. Throughout their lifetime each product must work as defined – every day.

We are putting all our conviction into the individual tasks we do. All our interactions with partners target to create an emotional and personal connection.