Disposable tonometer prisms

Tonosafe™ is a disposable measuring prism for all Goldmann applanation tonometers as well as the Perkins tonometer. Tonosafe™ disposable prisms are a convenient, effective method of reducing the risk of cross infection between patients.


Convenient - safe - accurate

Tonosafe™ avoids the need for time-consuming and laborious disinfection without compromising the original Goldmann quality. Developed for single use only, it reliably eliminates the risk of cross infection even in the most difficult situations. Calibrated to Goldmann standards, Tonosafe™ delivers accurate results with all Goldmann and Perkins contact tonometers.






Goldmann prisms

Excellent optical quality

The reusable Goldmann measuring prisms are distinguished by their optical and mechanical performance which allows for fast and reliable measurements in daily practice. They are largely handmade by experienced workers, and are checked for tight tolerances in weight, optical quality, durability and for consistent measurement results.

Reusable Goldmann Tonometer Prisms

Handmade precision

Goldmann tonometer prisms are manufactured at Haag-Streit in a process that has been fine-tuned over years. Experience, professional workmanship and intensive quality checks ensure highest precision for this important part of a diagnostic instrument that has become the gold standard for IOP measurement.


Simple and safe disinfection of reusable prisms

For efficient disinfecting routines we recommend Haag-Streit Desinset. This instrument set is ideal for disinfection of reusable tonometer measuring prisms and comprises cleaning- and storage container.


Fluorescein strips

Haag-Streit Fluorescein strips are used for the purpose of diagnosis on the anterior outer parts of the eye. Fluorescein is used to stain the tear fluid on the cornea during applanation tonometry and diagnosis.


NOTE: Not available in the EEA, USA and in Switzerland!

Cleaning & disinfection of measuring prisms