From the leader in slit lamp imaging

Professional slit lamp cameras for every need

Haag-Streit offers two anterior and one posterior segment cameras: The Imaging Module 900 as the best in class device which provides unbeaten image quality and the more basic Imaging Module 600 which is an cost-efficient alternative for less ambitious users. The Fundus Module 300 offers access to instant documentation of the retina.

Haag-Streit Imaging Module IM 900

Outstanding image quality

Equipped with an ultra-sensitive camera, the IM 900 produces images of exceptional quality even under difficult light conditions. Thanks to this sensitivity patient comfort is improved significantly as it is easily possible to record findings without excessively dazzling the patient. Like any professional camera, the IM 900 is equipped with depth of field control, which allows to adjust the camera ideally, regardless of the location of the pathology.

Haag-Streit Imaging Module 600

Intuitive imaging

Equipped with a more basic camera sensor, the IM 600 is a cost efficient alternative to the IM 900 and the standard solution for all BP 900 slit lamps. 

Haag-Streit Fundus module 300

Instant fundus imaging on the slit lamp

This innovative accessory offers all users of current Haag-Streit slit lamps access to instant documentation of the retina. The impressive simplicity of the Fundus Module 300 allows integration of non-mydriatic retina imaging as part of the regular slit lamp examination. This can improve practice workflow and save both clinical and patient time.