Traditional functionality

Classic and reliable optics

Equipped with a Kepler microscope, the BM 900 provides standard magnifications of 10 × and 16 ×. With a set of optional oculars it can be extended to 25 × and 40 × magnification. Like any other Haag-Streit slit lamp, the BM 900 features the best optical components to show all structures of the human eye in every detail.

Traditional functionality

Sharpest and homogeneous slit

Over the last years, LED illumination has become standard in modern slit lamp microscopy. It delivers our sharpest and most homogeneous slit ever. A tilting frame allows good posterior segment observation, while the defocusing option enhances observation with indirect illumination. All filter and slit controls are conveniently situated for ease of use and, as with the cross slide mechanism, have a silky smooth, effortless movement.

Traditional functionality

Precise manipulation

This cross slide mechanism, incorporated into all Haag-Streit slit lamps, introduced one-handed operation of the slit lamp many decades ago. Perfection in design, materials and construction allow these movements to be made smoothly and effortlessly without any wrist or finger strain – and to continue doing so for the very long lifetime of this classic slit lamp.

Fundus module 300

Instant fundus imaging on the slit lamp

This innovative accessory offers all users of current Haag-Streit slit lamps access to instant documentation of the retina. The impressive simplicity of the Fundus Module 300 allows integration of non-mydriatic retina imaging as part of the regular slit lamp examination. This can improve practice workflow and save both clinical and patient time.


Fundus module 300

Outstanding results

The image quality of the Fundus Module 300 exceeds by far the conventional possibilities on slit lamps – it even stands up to comparison with full-blown screening fundus cameras!

Fundus module 300

Efficient workflow

With Fundus Module 300 the basic images required for clinical documentation can be acquired directly and quickly at the slit lamp thus reducing the need for specialist technicians and equipment.

Taking the Fundus Module 300 from the cradle and putting it on the slit lamp takes only a few seconds. On the slit lamp it provides two states: a working position where it captures images of the fundus and a stand-by position where it allows normal use of the slit lamp.

Fundus module 300

Simple image capturing

Simply swivel the instrument into working position and align the camera with the slit lamp cross slide. The capture and illumination control are conveniently placed in front of the joystick on the slit lamp control panel. Pressing the release bar triggers the autofocussing of the camera; as soon as accurate focus is reached the image is captured and automatically uploaded into EyeSuite.

Fundus module 300

Intuitive software

EyeSuite Imaging is an effective and proven software application that supports a number of Haag-Streit instruments including slit lamp imaging solutions. Images are easily captured and can be edited and displayed in this well structured system that complements daily practice.

Fundus module 300

Flexible interfaces for easy network integration

The EyeSuite software is designed for optimal patient flow in busy practices. Supporting the Haag-Streit imaging solutions, EyeSuite makes the slit lamp fully networkable. Thus, no proprietary third-party software is required to provide connectivity. If the slit lamp is connected to an EyeSuite server, all the images taken can be accessed remotely from any number of viewing stations connected to the same database.

Haag-Streit AT 900 & AT 900 D

Two instruments - one gold standard

Haag-Streit offers two models of Goldmann applanation tonometers: the AT 900 a purely mechanical instrument and the AT 900 D which introduces advantages from digital technology.


Disposable tonometer prisms

Tonosafe™ is a disposable measuring prism for all Goldmann applanation tonometers as well as the Perkins tonometer. Tonosafe™ disposable prisms are a convenient, effective method of reducing the risk of cross infection between patients.

Goldmann prisms

Excellent optical quality

The reusable Goldmann measuring prisms are distinguished by their optical and mechanical performance which allows for fast and reliable measurements in daily practice. They are largely handmade by experienced workers, and are checked for tight tolerances in weight, optical quality, durability and for consistent measurement results.

BM 900 accessories

Improved efficiency - optimal examination

As supplier of complete solutions, Haag-Streit offers a wide range of accessories of great benefit to the ambitious slit lamp user.

BM 900 accessories

Tables and units

Haag-Streit offers a wide range of instrument tables that fit most ophthalmic products, from slit lamps to bowl perimeters. The HSM 901 ans HSM 600 series tables fit complex diagnostic systems, featuring cable guides and other handy design detail.

BM 900 accessories

25 X Magnification eyepieces

The standard eyepieces provide the BI 900 with magnifications of 10 x and 16 x. For higher magnification Haag-Streit offers optional 25 x magnification eyepieces which provides an overall magnification of the microscope of 25 x and 40 x.

BM 900 accessories

Eyepiece with McIntyre comparison grid

This eyepiece provides a reticle in the optics which shows a grid with different density pattern. These pattern allow the observer to estimate the cell density of the endothelium. It is recommended to use it in combination with the contrast enhancing 2.2x contact lens to provide enhanced viewing of the endothelium.

BM 900 accessories


This accessory diffuses the light to provide an improved general overview of the eye when the slit lamp is used at low magnification. Especially for imaging this accessory is indispensable.

BM 900 accessories

Short illumination mirror

When working with small illumination angles (e.g. for fundus examination) the standard mirror obscures one of the optical pathes partially or completely. The short mirror allows unobstructed view but requires that the illumination is tilted by 10° in order to have the complete light patch on the mirror.

BM 900 accessories

Accessory mounting base

This accessory mounting base is a standard interface for attachements to the slit lamp such as laser adapters or applanation tonometer.

BM 900 accessories


The headrest has been designed according to anatomical criteria and includes an adjustable chinrest. The unique fixation device permits uninterrupted observation and simultaneous guidance of the patient's eye which helps to make examination more comfortable for operator and patient. The headrest is available with and without fixation device.