The convenient eye patch

Enjoy the convenience of the MASK-it™ disposable paper eye patches. Available in a box of 500 pieces, these size-adjustable and disposable eye patches simplify occlusion.


Fast & effective occlusion

MASK-it™ eye patches are simple to use. Just pull one from the dispenser, fold it and place it onto a patient’s eye. This is convenient and eliminates time-consuming cleaning.


Natural vision during perimetric testing

The translucent eye patches allow the patient to keep both eyes open during testing. They are so light, the patient does not even notice them and enjoys a completely normal vision.


Disposable & hygienic

Developed for single use, MASK-it™ eye patches reliably eliminate the risk of cross infection.


Disposable tonometer prisms

Tonosafe™ is a disposable measuring prism for all Goldmann applanation tonometers as well as the Perkins tonometer. Tonosafe™ disposable prisms are a convenient, effective method of reducing the risk of cross infection between patients.


Convenient - safe - accurate

Tonosafe™ avoids the need for time-consuming and laborious disinfection without compromising the original Goldmann quality. Developed for single use only, it reliably eliminates the risk of cross infection even in the most difficult situations. Calibrated to Goldmann standards, Tonosafe™ delivers accurate results with all Goldmann and Perkins contact tonometers.






Stery Cup

Simple and efficient means against bugs

Stery Cup is a disposable shield for use with the HAAG-STREIT 903 and 903 L Goldmann lenses, and with the HAAG-STREIT Retina 145 L contact lens. The optically neutral, sterile and individually wrapped cups are designed for single use and significantly reduce the risk of bacterial transfer.

Stery Cup

Gentle manipulation on the eye

Besides reducing the risk of crossinfection, Stery Cup also reduces the risk of damaging the patients’ cornea as the contact lens can be rotated inside the cup. Stery Cup can also increase the life of the contact lenses thanks to a reduction in the number of disinfection processes required.


The original Haag-Streit Fluorescein strips

Haag-Streit Fluorescein strips are used for the purpose of diagnosis on the anterior outer parts of the eye. Fluorescein is used to stain the tear fluid on the cornea during applanation tonometry and diagnosis.


NOTE: Not available in the EEA, USA and in Switzerland!


FLUO 900, sterile and single packed

FLUO 900* are sterile, individually-wrapped ophtalmic strips which are impregnated with Fluorescein Sodium dye. They are used for evaluating contact lens fitting.

*FLUO 900 is not available in the USA and Canada


Chinrest paper

Comfort and hygiene for your patients

Dispenser box containing 500 disposable single sheets, this original quality chinrest paper fits all of the Haag-Streit headrests and provides comfort and hygiene for your patients.

The chinrest paper has to be changed between each patient examination by simply tearing off the top sheet. The sheets are easy to replace by removing the pins holding the sheets in place and fixing a new pack of about 20 sheets.



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