Our Roots

How it all began

Thanks to their skilful craftsmanship and inspired innovations, the founders of our firm – Hermann Studer and Friedrich Hermann, who opened their first workshop in Berne, Switzerland, in 1858 – accomplished truly pioneering achievements.

The exceptional precision and reliability of their work were soon acknowledged and a close working relationship with the University of Berne took shape. At the request of Prof. Wild, the company we now know as Haag-Streit began equipping all of  Switzerland with weather stations, and these were soon to be followed by  commissions for similar meteorological measuring networks abroad.

We are proud to have been entrusted with manufacturing the Swiss metric prototype after the establishment of a standardized system of length measurement in Paris in 1867; so even 140 years ago we were – in the truest sense of the word – setting standards.

Physicians at the University of Berne were also quick to recognize the opportunities presented by working with Haag-Streit, and the opening of the then-new “Insel“ Eye Clinic at the University Hospital, more than 100 years ago, was a showcase of the instruments we were able to manufacture. The introduction of electricity to the clinics at this juncture further boosted demand for the new products.

We can only describe our further collaboration with Prof. Goldmann, also at the University of Berne, as a stroke of considerable fortune; not only was he an extraordinary physician, he had a comprehensive understanding of physics and was able to make a significant contribution to the development of new instruments. This was an early indication of the importance of cross-fertilization between academics and industrialists which allowed research concepts to be realized and refined by skilled practitioners.

Our Approach

How things evolve

A fascination with technology, exceptional manufacturing skills, close cooperation with trusted scientists and medical professionals, and a desire to implement their pioneering ideas – all of this allows us to create instruments that broaden our horizons and help us to see further.

The company’s focus on ophthalmic instruments was established by Wilhelm Haag back in the 1930s, and the premium products we have been manufacturing ever since are constantly being updated and improved.

Haag-Streit has likewise been streamlined and refined over time and has always been quick to adopt new technologies, as instanced in the progression from purely mechanical to electromechanical instruments – bits and bytes are thus just as central to our operations today as traditional materials like metal and glass. These “new” engineering skills are deployed to create sophisticated, intuitive software and we exploit this potential both in instrument development and in our work processes. We still rely on human skill, but nowadays this is augmented to great effect with highly automated manufacturing facilities and advanced operational procedures.

Holistic thinking and a tightly networked business have helped to ensure that Haag-Streit devices are now available in 145 countries and we can boast a powerful sales network of more than 65 distributors. We are an important manufacturing company and the cornerstone of the Haag-Streit Group, which currently consists of 23 companies.

Our Principles

What inspires us

Your sight is key to your quality of life. Medical professionals cannot afford to make diagnostic mistakes and specialist ophthalmologists have to meet the highest standards at short notice. So we go the extra mile: We outperform expectations.

To ensure our instruments work perfectly, we prefer to manufacture our tools inhouse. Our staff undergoes training on a rolling basis and we attend to every detail, monitoring and optimizing our work processes as well as our products: We create high-value devices.

We are committed to delivering on our claim of enabling accurate and dependable diagnoses: We are reliable.

Collaborating closely with medical specialists and leading scientists, we are constantly developing state-of-the-art technology to incorporate into our instruments. Our latest innovations invariably exemplify reliability, high value and precision. We embody the pioneering spirit.

Leading the field also means continually blazing a trail and maintaining our autonomy. Haag-Streit Diagnostics benefits from the financial and ideological freedoms guaranteed by the family-run Haag-Streit Group. We are independent.

Our Experts

How we work

There is a constructive and upbeat atmosphere at our headquarters in Köniz, near Berne. Progressive employment conditions and a long-term corporate outlook help us to reconcile the rapid pace of technological developments with our uncompromising quality standards.

Exactly right is still not good enough for us and we are not interested in short-lived successes. These are the values that accompany every Haag-Streit instrument as it begins its journey from us to the client. This precision and continuity is backed up by a whole building chock full of components and ideas that are both theoretical and practical, and we – more than 230 individuals with a range of vocations and professional experience – are the team with the skills to realize such ideas and create those precision instruments. This is how we have worked our way to a market position of which we are justly proud.

Countless ideas, calculations, plans and concepts are collated, rejected, re-evaluated, adapted, amalgamated and boiled down to a paradigm by our developers. This is then accepted, drawn up, milled, assembled and polished by skilled hands until the abstract notion has attained its perfect form. Our philosophy is channeled by our best-trained experts into every program, every robot and every process, however highly automated; our maxim in production is “one-piece flow”. With assiduous monitoring and strict  adherence to regulatory standards, ideas and components can thus grow into finished instruments that meet exceptionally exacting diagnostic requirements.

One of the ways we have remained attractive as an employer over more than 150 years is by placing our trust in young, aspiring professionals. They are, after all, our future. Haag-Streit trainees pass through the unique Swiss apprenticeship system, learning the skills and knowledge they require and applying these under real market conditions. Year on year, Haag-Streit is thus educating highly trained specialists that are a credit not only to the company but to their entire profession.

Our Clients

How our customers see us

A combination of expertise, craftsmanship, and experience creates a climate of trust in opticians’ practices and clinics. You expect faultless and efficient diagnosis followed up with effective treatment for your patients, and our technology is pushing the  boundaries in providing support for eye specialists.

More and more responsible  ophthalmologists who wish to minimize the risk of incorrect diagnosis are choosing Haag-Streit products; with us, you are opting for devices that use some of the most reliable medical technology available.

When we needed a slit lamp and imaging system to photograph subtle solution-induced micropunctuate staining, Haag-Streit was the overwhelming  favorite. The optics are crystal clear.

Expert knowledge and manufacturing skill are handed down from generation to generation. Clients looking for top performance need instruments they can rely on, and Haag-Streit leaves you the freedom to concentrate on what really matters. The instruments can also last for generations. Their strength and reliability are just part of what makes them unique.

Learning on Haag-Streit precision instruments means learning for the future and acquiring skills that can be used all over the world.

The Haag-Streit Group

How to stay at the cutting edge of technology

The Group englobes more than 20 companies based in Europe, America and Far East. Over 1000 employees are working in differnt branches of Ophthalmology, Pneumology, Microsurgery, Optics and Electronics. Together we develop, manufacture and deliver high-quality products and services that emphases the Brands core values.


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