A2A Spacer

Collapsible valved holding chamber

A2A Spacer is a pocket sized valved holding chamber, collapsible for improved portability. A2A is made from anti-microbial, low-static, transparent plastic for improved hygiene. The device combines portability with a plume shaped chamber of 210ml, to minimise drug loss within the spacer. A2A Spacer has been designed with a visible valve movement to help parents or carers observe and confirm correct inhalation to overcome some inhalation/actuation problems.

A2A 2 spacer
Product overview

Features and benefits

  • Collapsible, pocket sized valved holding chamber
  • Inhibits microbial growth
  • Visible valve movement
  • Low-static properties
  • Accepts all pMDIs available
  • 210ml, consistent with optimal performance
  • Easy to clean
  • Moulded instructions
  • Available with or without mask
  • Suitable for both children and adults.
Better by design


The A2A spacer is designed with space in mind. Its compact collapsible (pull-to-open twist-to-close) design enables patients to receive their inhaled aerosol medication efficiently without having to carry around large devices. A2A incorporates the latest features to improve patient experience.

A2A 3 spacer
A2A 4 spacer
Polymer inhibits bacteria growth

Free from latex, phthalates and BPA

A2A spacer is manufactured from a special polymer that incorporates silver ions, which inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. Research has demonstrated that microbes will opportunistically establish colonies inside spacer devices. Clement Clarke International's own research has shown that under certain circumstances drug residues may encourage the growth of certain bacteria. Regular washing of spacers is very important. The polymer is free from latex, phthalates and BPA.

Universal port

Compatible with all pMDIs

All spacers and valved holding chambers are designed to deliver the equivalent dose of a correctly used metered dose inhaler. A2A spacer fulfils this requirement and has repeatedly demonstrated this with different drug formulations. The universal inhaler port fitting ensures compatibility with all sizes of aerosol inhalers.

A2A 5 spacer
A2A 6 spacer
Positive coaching whistle available

Flo-Tone attachment

A2A spacer, unlike many other spacers, deliberately does not incorporate a negative alert whistle. Such whistles have been shown to produce misleading and contradictory feedback (Ref Sanders PCRJ Dec 2013). A2A spacer can be used with a positive coaching whistle (Flo-Tone) to encourage correct use.

Low-static ABS polymer

Static reduces drug delivery

A2A spacer is manufactured from a low-static ABS polymer. The component parts are protected from static in manufacture and supplied in anti-static bags. Static in chambers can reduce drug delivery and measures that reduce static are important, especially detergent washing (see instructions).

A2A 7 spacer
A2A 9 spacer
Methods of inhalation

Inhalation to be prompt after spray

After spraying medication into the chamber the patient may take their dose either by taking a single deep inhalation or by taking multiple shallow inhalations (tidal breathing). The medication will remain as a cloud for about 10 seconds, so inhalation should follow spraying fairly promptly.

What lies behind the mask

Can be used with or without mask

A2A spacer is designed to be used alone (mouthpiece) or with a face-mask. The face-mask is manufactured from a special soft polymer. Unlike conventional spacer masks (usually made of silicon – which has a high static load), Able spacer masks are anti-static and do not diminish the dosage available to the patient (Ref Poster ISAM). The masks are free from phthalates, latex and BPA.

A2A 10 spacer
Mask formats

Different sizes available

A2A spacer masks are available in small, medium and large sizes, to suit all ages. The masks have a soft fit feature that facilitates good fitting. A good fitting mask is essential for successful drug delivery.