Mini-Wright AFS Low Range

For patients with lower peak flow monitoring requirements

Having set the standard with the Mini-Wright Standard, the AFS Low Range peak flow meter provides the same level of accuracy and consistency to those patients with lower peak flow monitoring requirements.

Particularly useful for very young children, the elderly and patients with severe air flow obstruction. The Mini-Wright AFS Low Range measures peak expiratory flow between 30-400 L/min.

Mini Wright AFS
Product Overview

Product Features and benefits

  • Available in ATS and EU scales
  • Useful for children, elderly and patients with severe air flow obstruction
  • Individually calibrated for absolute accuracy
  • Incorporates Aerodynamic Flow System (AFS)
  • Easy to read scale
  • Simple to use
  • Portable, reading can be taken with ease
  • Compact for portability
  • Windmill incentive trainer available, useful for children
Low range peak flow monitoring


The Mini-Wright AFS was introduced in 1997 as an improved re-design of the previous low range meter. The improvement delivered greater accuracy and consistency, by incorporating an aerofoil in the mouthpiece.

The meter is also equipped with an internal one way valve for additional hygiene. To help younger patients develop correct technique a Windmill Trainer is available.

Mini Wright AFS
Mini Wright AFS
Individually calibrated

Consistent performance

Every Mini-Wright AFS is individually assembled and calibrated by highly trained operatives to ensure consistent performance.

All calibration test equipment is frequently checked to ensure that the highest of standards are met. The scales cover 30-400 L/min.

Conforming to standards

Two scales

Mini-Wright AFS PFMs are manufactured to one of two standards; the EU and ATS.

Mini Wright AFS
Mini Wright AFS
Getting your best

Windmill trainer

Peak flow requires a forceful exhalation and to encourage young children to do this the Windmill trainer is an incentive challenge. By moving the Windmill further from the mouth more exhalation force is required to turn it.

Disposable expiratory one-way valve mouthpieces

Minimise cross infection

Infection control has become a critical issue in healthcare. Clement Clarke offer a wide range of mouthpieces, designed to minimise cross infection between patients, making many devices safe for multi-patient use.

All infection control products fit the entire Mini-Wright range and have no effect on readings. Please note: a new mouthpiece should be used after each patient.

Asthma management tool

Download diary card

Peak flow diary card allows patient to monitor their peak flow readings, can be very useful when reviewing a patients asthma.

Beneficial and good practice to encourage all asthma patients to log readings, not only for asthma review purposes but this information can be used for patients to interpret and see patterns that may suggest they need further assistance with their condition. Such insight could potential reduce the risk of condition deterioration.

What is this product used for

Main use

Particularly used for patients who have a typically low peak flow readings. By reducing the range of the scale, this device enables readings to be more accurate in comparison to a scale on a larger peak flow meter.