Electronic peak flow meter

Peak flow monitoring is a recognised tool in asthma management. Keeping accurate manual peak flow records is sometimes difficult, the eMini-Wright brings peak flow monitoring up-to-date. The eMini-Wright is a small, discreet peak flow meter that accurately measures and stores peak flow data.

E Mini Wright
Product overview

Product features and benefits

  • Highly accurate peak flow measurements; conforms to international standards
  • Stores 240 readings
  • Easy to clean by simple wiping
  • On-Screen zoning system
  • On-screen reporting of poor effort and non-reproducible results
  • Downloadable software available free online
  • Optional data cable.
Advanced reporting

On-screen reporting of poor effort and non-reproducible results

The eMini-Wright reports if a peak flow effort is not of a reproducible group of readings. There are two units available; the eMini-Wright unit, for screen review only and the eMini-Wright Download, which allows the data to be retrieved and downloaded to a PC.

E Mini Wright
E Mini Wright
Electronic peak flow diary

Asthma management

The eMini-Wright is for single patient serial peak flow measurement and data storage. On screen zoning systems supports asthma management plan. A data cable enables download from the device to a PC, the software displays the data graphically and permits printing.