Peak Expiratory Flow

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Clement Clarke's flagship range of peak flow meters are first choice for healthcare professionals when it comes to the measurement of peak expiratory flow. The Mini-Wright brand is recognised worldwide as the 'Gold Standard' in asthma management. Each Mini-Wright device is individually hand calibrated, to ensure maximum accuracy.

Peak flow meters allow patients to monitor their asthma; Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF) is a measurement of how fast a patient can blow out. When a patient is well their PEF is higher, when the airways are narrow (as in asthma) PEF is lower.

Peak Flow Normal Values and Calculator

Peak Expiratory Flow

Predictive Normal Values have been calculated for women and men of different ages and heights, and have been adapted (with agreement from the original Authors) for use with the new EU Scale / ISO23747 peak flow meters.As a general rule, if your average reading is frequently one-third or more below your best it may mean that your asthma is not controlled.

If you ever have difficulty breathing or cannot obtain relief with a reliever inhaler, you should seek emergency help.

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Clement Clarke International’s Peak Expiratory Flow Portfolio

Mini-Wright Standard

The Mini-Wright was introduced in the 1970’s to enable the benefits of peak flow monitoring to be accessed in doctor’s surgeries and at patient’s homes, all around the world.

It marked an important advance in asthma management because it enabled objective measurement of airway constriction and appropriate actions to be taken as a function of that constriction.

Clement Clarke International’s Peak Expiratory Flow Portfolio


The eMini-Wright reports if a peak flow effort is not of a reproducible group of readings. There are two units available; the eMini-Wright unit, for screen review only and the eMini-Wright Download, which allows the data to be retrieved and downloaded to a PC.

Clement Clarke International’s Peak Expiratory Flow Portfolio

Mini-Wright AFS Low Range

The Mini-Wright AFS was introduced in 1997 as an improved re-design of the previous low range meter. The improvement delivered greater accuracy and consistency, by incorporating an aerofoil in the mouthpiece.

The meter is also equipped with an internal one way valve for additional hygiene. To help younger patients develop correct technique a Windmill Trainer is available.

Clement Clarke International’s Peak Expiratory Flow Portfolio


The AirZone was introduced in 1997 to enable individual patients to monitor their peak flow in relation to specific values for their personal asthma management plan. The coloured zone markers enable ranges to be indicated to help the patient to recognise when actions need to be taken.