In-Check Oral

Portable inspiratory flow meter

The In-Check Oral is a portable inspiratory flow meter, which measures the changes in lung function. The device measures inspiratory flow between 30-370 L/min, a reading taken from the mouth. One-way valve mouthpieces are available to help minimise cross infection.

Product overview

Product features and benefits

  • Measures inspiratory flow through the mouth
  • Suitable tool for screening COPD
  • Individually calibrated for absolute accuracy
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Portable reading can be taken with ease.
Working the In-Check Oral

How does it work?

The In-Check Oral works when a patient inhales through the mouth, which will cause air to be drawn through the meter and a cursor to move along the scale to indicate the speed of inhalation. The flow rate achieved can be noted by checking the position of the cursor against the calibrated scale.

Sensitive marker for COPD screening


Inspiratory flow is considered by a number of physicians to be a sensitive marker for bronchodilator efficacy screening in COPD.

Disposable inspiratory one-way valve mouthpieces

Minimise cross infection

Infection control has become a critical issue in healthcare. Clement Clarke offer a wide range of mouthpieces, designed to minimise cross infection between patients, making many devices safe for multi-patient use.