Providing flow and co-ordination coaching

Trainhaler is the first simple pMDI training system to provide flow and co-ordination coaching. It is a placebo-like pMDI training device which with the Flo-Tone attached is an essential tool for healthcare professionals to teach inhaler technique. The Trainhaler is suitable for multi-patient use by changing the Flo-Tone for each individual patient.

Product overview

Product features and benefits

  • Contains no medication
  • For multi-patient use
  • Flow rate guidance with Flo-Tone attachment
  • Actuation indicator for easy co-ordination when Flo-Tone is attached
  • Low-cost inhaler technique trainer
  • Teaches correct flow
  • Simple non-electronic training device, can be used anywhere.
Flo-Tone Attachment

A whistle is heard when the patient is inhaling correctly

Trainhaler is to be used with a Flo-Tone Trainer attachment, it acts as a pMDI training system. A whistle is heard when the patient is inhaling correctly. The start of the whistle sound is the signal to press the canister. The whistle should be maintained for 5 seconds if possible. This ensures the patient is inhaling gently and at the correct flow rate.

Flo-Tone Attachment