Flo-Tone CR

Built in controlled resistance (CR)

Flo-Tone CR is the NEW and improved version of the Flo-Tone.The Flo-Tone CR has been carefully engineered to achieve additional functionality; firstly being able to fit all pMDIs, secondly ensuring that the guidance whistle will respond at the same flow rate in all pMDIs, irrespective of their individual resistance.

Flo-tone on its own
Product overview

Features and benefits

  • Can be used as a mini-spacer; pMDI attachment
  • Can be used as a training aid; for use with a placebo pMDI inhaler
  • Guides the patient to correct pMDI use (flow rate, co-ordination and duration)
  • Improves inhaler technique
  • Fits all pMDIs
  • Built-in controlled resistance (CR) removes variability of the pMDIs internal resistance
  • Delivers full lung dose and reduces throat impact
  • Incorporates tethered mouthpiece cap.
Improving inhaler technique

Multiple use; spacer or training aid

Flo-Tone CR guides patient to correct pMDI use (flow rate, co-ordination and duration). It is used to help patients acquire and retain good inhaler technique.

As a mini-spacer; by attaching the device to an inhaler, drug delivery is improved, while unwanted oropharyngeal deposition is reduced. As a training aid for initial familiarisation with pMDI technique, moving on to the active medication for day-to-day use.

Flo-Tone CR with mouthpiece closed
Flo-tone CR showing whistle
Positive whistle

Clear signal to actuate

The built-in whistle produced on inhalation provides a clear positive signal to actuate, helping the patient to understand when they have achieved the correct flow rate for successful drug delivery. Then after actuation, helping them maintain a slow gentle inhalation, to move the medication into the lungs.

Tethered mouthpiece cap

Improved hygiene

By including a tethered mouthpiece cap, the device can be permanently attached to the patient’s inhaler, allowing ease of use. Whilst closed the mouthpiece is kept clean and eliminates the chance of small bits getting in to the inhaler mouthpiece.

Flo-Tone CR with pMDI attached